A weight loss program should encourage you to lose weight, if you have chosen weight loss programs in the past that you haven’t stuck with then you have simply chosen the wrong one for you. You are not alone, consumers spend billions on programs and products that promise weight loss fast. How can you lose weight safely and make sure that the fat stays off for good? Here are some tips on how to find a program to lose weight fast.

1. It isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle change:

In order to keep weight off for good you need to change your behavior around food and exercise and think of it as a long-term program and not just a quick fix. Choose a program that you can stick to rather than a fad diet that might strip the weight initially but is impossible to maintain, such as the grapefruit diet etc. Try and find healthy food that you actually enjoy eating and exercise that makes you feel good. Your friends might swear by yoga while you find swimming far more pleasant, feel free to experiment until you find the right diet and exercise for you.

2. Check in with your doctor:

Inform your healthcare provider of any major changes that you are making to your diet and a new exercise regimen you are planning to embark on before you begin. They will advise you if it is a safe option for you and if it is a healthy option for your body type. They will also run any necessary tests before you begin.

3. Credibility:

When finding a program to help you lose weight be sure to find one that is run by health providers who are credentialed, such as registered dieticians and certified health coaches and of course medical professionals. There are many scam artists out there who claim to be health professionals but who have no credentials to support them on this.

4. Monitor yourself:

Studies have shown that those that keep track of the food they’re eating and the exercise that they’re doing will lose a significant amount more weight than those that don’t monitor themselves. So, get a fit bit, start a food journal, get an app that tracks your diet and/or your exercise routine in order to encourage yourself to make your diet and exercise a habit.

5. Keep it natural:

When it comes to diet, the more natural you can keep it, the better. Buy organic food as often as you can. Buy your vegetables fresh and cut them up right before you prepare your food, so as not to lose nutrients. Replace cakes and chocolate with rice cakes and smoothies and be sure to eat plenty of superfoods. Many people have found that garcinia cambogia has assisted them in their weight loss, which they take a half hour before they eat.

6. Get a buddy:

You will be twice as good at sticking to a weight loss program if you can get your partner, your kids or a friend on board. Another person you trust will help motivate you to stick to your new weight loss program. Set goals together, exercise together, and prepare meals together and you will find it much easier to stay on track. Alternatively, sign up to do exercise classes that you enjoy. The fact that your classes take place on a regular basis will help you stick to attending them.

7. Be suspicious:

Be suspicious of diets that claim that you’ll lose a lot of weight fast, like if they promise that you’ll lose 15 pounds within a week. This is unrealistic as well as an unhealthy amount to lose so quickly. You should only be losing between half a pound and 2 pounds a week. It may be tempting to lose weight so quickly, but you’ll do your body damage in the long run and it is unlikely that you’ll continue to lose such a large amount over the weeks that follow.

8. Don’t be pressurized:

When finding a program that will help you lose weight be sure not to be pressurised into buying any special supplements, pills or exercise equipment that promise to be the answer to your weight loss problems. Following a good diet and getting regular exercise are really the only answers to losing weight and keeping it off.