Passing the drug test is getting very essential these days as you can get fired by the employers if you fail in that. So how you are going to pass it and emerge scot free from it! This guide will help you in getting the way through it and will throw a light on How to pass a hair drug test in 24 hour! We shall be dealing with the Marijuana drug especially.

What is THC?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical that produces the pleasant effects in the body and it is responsible for most of the psychological effects that are produced as a result of Marijuana intake.

How does it affect your body!

Brain gets stimulated when one takes this drug and that creates a condition of euphoria. It is in the hippocampus that this is processed and results in a hike that is experienced by the person taking it. There are various conditions that are percolated with this drug and produce an induced effect in the body.

This causes the person to suffer from hallucinations and delusions and short term memory recall as well. Considering the side effects and addictive nature of the drug, it is tested for by many organizations and employers worldwide.

For how long is this drug going to stay in your hair?

If you have been under the Marijuana influence then you will never go scot-free from the effects of the drug. If the employers have asked to get your drug test done then you need to take care of certain things. Let’s first start with the duration for which this drug stays in the system.

It is going to take around 5 days for this drug to show its presence in the body and if it is the drug test based on the hair samples then the person in question will surely show up the results.

Can this drug be washed away from hair!

There are metabolites which remain in the body when one is on drug and the presence of which cannot remain undetected. So what should be done? You can opt for a body detox option that can wash away the traces of drug from your blood and urine. Permanently cleaning up the body will take at the most 7 days to get the drug out of your system.