Making ice at home is a cool thing. You can let your imagination run wild and experiment a lot. Apart from classics like vanilla ice cream, it can also be a fennel ice cream or something spicy like parmesan ice cream. Use only chilled ingredients, this will facilitate the preparation and the ice will freeze better and faster. Pieces of fruit will pep up every home made. Sprinkle the minced fruit with sugar to prevent it from forming too large ice crystals and making the pieces uncomfortably cold. Ice cream becomes extra creamy with the addition of cream. So the ice cream is also exceptionally high in calories but the taste is more intense. For sweetening use only fine granulated sugar or powdered sugar which dissolves better. Or try a variant with honey or maple syrup.

You need it to make ice cream

Are you jealous? Don’t be because you can now make sixty types of delicious ice cream anytime and anywhere you want with Creamish. Ice cream does not always have to be enjoyed as a dessert. Ice is popular with young and old, in summer but also in winter. But what to do if the ice cream parlor is too far away and the freezer are empty? If you cannot stand certain ingredients or just feel like making your own ice cream? Now you can try on your own. This is easier than expected. Suitable ingredients are usually in the house.

Actually, you do not need much to make your own ice cream. For example, fruit, chocolate, nuts or spices are used as the flavor carrier. For creamy ice creams, dairy products such as milk, cream, yoghurt or the like and possibly eggs are needed. Sugar, sweetener or honey provides extra sweetness. An ice machine makes the job easier because it takes over the constant stirring. Most machines freeze the ice mass directly during stirring. But it is also easy without ice cream maker.

Water ice and yoghurt ice cream

The simplest way to get a delicious Popsicle is to stick a wooden or plastic stick through the closed lid of small yoghurt and place it in the freezer. After about five hours, the ice should be frozen. Then remove the lid, remove the yoghurt cup and start loosening.Equally easy is the preparation of water ice. Take your favorite juice and pour it into a small ice tray or small plastic cup and place it in the freezer.

Gorgeous creamy: milk and cream ice cream

For milk ice, virtually all variants of dairy products can be used. From low-calorie concentrated milk or yoghurt to whole milk and cream. Those who cannot tolerate lactose simply take lactose-free dairy products. Replacements such as soy or rice milk can also be used. It will be particularly creamy if you also add eggs.

Conclusion: With ice cream, hygiene is particularly important

When making your own ice pay particular attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Especially dairy products but also egg and pureed fruits are a good breeding ground for bacteria. Purification and stirring increase the surface area so that bacteria can penetrate more easily. Therefore, the ingredients should always be fresh and flawless. If you want to play it safe, you can boil the ingredients for a short time.