The urine tests are very tough to crack. You need to be very careful through this process. Never dilute your urine sample, besides, drinking plenty of water does not assure results. Suppose you fail the drug test, you may lose your chance of good job. This can ever create trouble in your career in many different ways. And not to forget, legal side of results, therefore it is very important you get the hands on best Synthetic pee.


When it comes to quality, there’re certain parameters that you must consider, like product’s temperature, coloring, and presence of specific compounds. Product’s coloring must be yellowish; though degree of tint will differ, good health tint must be there. You may compare color with the normal urine just to make sure.

Temperature of urine, human urine after leaving your body, drops to over 32 to 38 degrees celsius. This must be a same case for the synthetic samples. Therefore, those with simple heating options are very good.

Several key compounds will make up the human urine. Thus, most of the compounds must be present for good-quality copy. You need to check out ingredient label of a product before you buy to ensure better quality.

Urine drug tests: Uses, procedure, detection times, and results

Follow Instructions

When buying synthetic urine kit, check the instructions. Never proceed to prepare this solution unless you check the label. Manufacturer instructions do recommend the perfect temperature. Thus, heat your urine sample to a correct point. Never make any mistake of overheating your synthetic pee.

You may better yourself just by practicing with fake urine samples. Keep in mind, technicians won’t allow you to flush out the urine in toilet after submission. They just care about is making sure that sample is real.


Brands you select must have certain reliability degree. We suggest going for the transparent and consistent brands about the ingredients and methods. They must offer enough information you might need—expiration dates, preparing and using guides, etc.

The customer reviews will go a very long way in helping you to determine if product can work for you. It is better to pay attention before buying. Reduce your risks just by selecting the brand that you may trust.

There’re various innovative ways you can hide the fake urine test kit. So, the best approach may depend on level of scrutiny that you are possible to face. For most of the part, collectors can check the bag & instruct you take off their hats & coats. In a few cases, there will be pat down though collector won’t touch you intimately.