Winter is that season of the year which invites contagious diseases like cold and flu. Our kids are vulnerable to these diseases. It might not sound something major but has the potential to restrict on the bed for several days. December is the time when mild infections become very prevalent. In this article, we will throw light on how to minimize the risks of catching a cold. Listed below are some preventive measures that shield you against the common cold.

  • Keeping Warm: Pull out your quilts so you feel warm through the winter months. Keeping warm fights cold and flu at large. It will help you to avoid cough and sneeze. After a mild autumn, a sudden gush of cold air makes us shiver. Shivering often depresses our immunity system and we are likely to catch a cold. Low level of sunlight and hormonal imbalances also tend to weaken our immunity system. So, we need to keep warm as we start to lose our body heat.
  • Wash Hands Properly: Air-borne infections become very prevalent during the winter months. Infections are oft transmitted by aerosol effect as and when somebody sneezes. Furthermore, germs can also be transmitted via physical contact. These germs enter our bodies when an infected hand touches other vulnerable areas like noses, mouths and the eyes. So, we must remember to wash our hands repeatedly with a mild cleanser.

  • Take Herbal Help: We need to strengthen our immune system during the harsh winter months. Herbs like Echinacea help fight cold and flu. So, this should a vital part of our daily routines. Echinacea was formulated to heal minor wounds. But these days, it is increasingly being adopted to boost our immune system.
  • Consume Garlic and Zinc: Zinc is an essential mineral which fights cold and flu. This mineral has the ability to boost a sagging immunity system. Foods like oysters, eggs, meat, and tofu are known to be good sources of zinc and make great cold-bursting options. Garlic eases chest complains. Taking garlic in small proportions often reduces the frequency of common cold.
  • Drink Plenty: Experts often recommend us to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Water helps our kidney to function properly and drives outtoxic substances that accumulate in the body. If you are infected with a cold, remaining dehydrated might make the mucus thicker and drier. So, drinking water flushes out infections very easily.
  • Take Vitamins In Small Quantities: Consuming multivitamin supplements becomes very important during winter months. This is because many of us do not consume green leafy vegetables ample quantities. Vitamin deficiencies might weaken our immune system. So, taking supplements becomes an easier alternative.

A Departing Note

If you are plagued by allergies and health implications are bothering you, consider installing home air filters. Impurities often mingle in the air during winter months resulting in sneeze and cough. The air filter purifies the indoor atmosphere by cleaning the dirt and germs mingled in the air. They help you get rid of allergens and other irritants that remain scattered in the atmosphere. In case you are intolerant to dust and impurities, you might consider purchasing an air filter.