Health care personnel and patients’ safety are an important issue that always needsto be taken into account in any health care setting. Proper medical waste disposal is extremely essential especially with a high risk of getting blood-bourne transmitted diseases from needle stick injuries, which can be easily avoided. Sharps disposal are very important and it should be properly observed for the safety of anyone who comes in contact with it.

Blood-bourne diseases can be easily prevented especially the ones caused by accidental needle stick injury. The most common blood-bourne diseases likeHIV, Hepa B and Hepa C, are caused by viruses that can be possibly transmitted to anyone involvedin a needle stick injury.

In any health care setting, there are different areas that need to be focused on. Needle stick injury is an occurrence that can be easily preventable if specific safety measures were observed. Each healthcare facility hassafety protocols and it needs to be followed properly.Proper and safe needle disposal is very important for any health care setting.Here are some of the lists that can help prevent the possibility of a needle stick injury.

needle stick injury

Follow safety procedures. Each health care facility has different protocols regarding safety measures. Observing safety protocols reduces the possibility of needle stick injury occurrence. Each personnel must follow them to prevent any unwanted incident especially needle stick injury.

Be informed and educated. Proper education regarding needle stick injury and the unwanted effects it causes can be important for everyone to understand the gravity of the situation. Sharps container disposal must be properlyinformed to those involved in the health care setting.

Observe proper waste disposal. Hospital or medical waste can be hazardous to the environment. Each waste must be properly disposed and be safely processed to prevent any accident that will endanger the lives of anyone who comes in contact with it, like the medical personnel or patient.

Observe proper sharps disposal. Needle injury can be easily prevented with proper sharps disposal. Make use of the sharps container disposal when disposing sharps and needles after using them. Never reuse any container as it increases the possibility of being injured or pricked.

As per the reports and records of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an approximate of 385,000 sharps-related injuries occurs yearly. Most of the time, these said injuries ends up not being reported by the person affected. Sharps related injuries can be costly and it can be easily prevented if specific procedures were observed by the personnel involved.

Occurrence of needle stick injury has vastly decreased due to the presence of sharps disposal container in different health care setting. Sharps disposal can easily be done with the proper education provided and making use of the containers provided by the health care facility.