Before you begin with the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse,you have to prepare to commit full for the next three days. It is best to select any of the three weekdays together because the weekend can be left to eat some dessert or the like.

List of Foods and beverages for the Cleanse;

  1. Shakeology shake mix.
  2. Green Tea.
  3. Water.
  4. Salad ingredients ( celery, broccoli, tomato, lettuce, kale, bell peppers, spinach or other leafy green vegetables).
  5. Lean proteins like white meat turkey, white meat chicken and fish.
  6. Low-fat dressing or vinegar dressing or homemade oil.
  7. Tofu.
  8. Low-glycemic fruits.

Foods to avoid;

  1. Breads.
  2. Dairy products.
  3. Added sugars.
  4. Processed foods.
  5. Starches.

During the three days of cleanse, you have to eat three meals each day. This will be followed with two snacks in between the snacks. The breakfast and lunch will comprise of only Shakeology shakes. The dinner can include a salad with any of the lean proteins as you prefer.

Meal Plan for Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse

For your ease, your typical plan for the three days is as follows;

  1. Breakfast will include;
  • One cup of green tea immediately after you wake up.
  • One Shakeology shake blended with water and ice.
  • Fruit only if you exercise.
  1. Snack will include;
  • One piece of fruit. It can be apples, berries or citrus fruits.
  1. Lunch will include;
  • One Shakeology shake blended with water and ice.
  • One cup of Green tea.
  1. The second snack can be taken after dinner as dessert if you like. This can be one Shakeology shake blended with water and ice.
  2. Dinner will include;
  • Salad that comprises three servings of leafy vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and celery.
  • Four ounces of lean protein. (chicken, tofu, white turkey or fish)
  • Low-fat dressing limited to two tablespoons only.