Is it important to always read the lists with instructions and side effects? Yes, it is extremely important to do that before you take any medication. These instructions will give you a general idea of what this medicine is really about, what are the side effects as well as possible interactions. If you cannot understand it, have a consultation with your pharmacist and ask for an explanation. In case you are looking for the best pharmacist in town, you found the right one – rxrefill Kitchener.

It is also important to have all the information about the food you are allowed to eat while taking these medicines. For example, there are some foods and drinks that will increase the effect of certain medications. The grapefruit juice can decrease the effect of the medicine if you take it together with the pill. Especially if you are taking pills for lowering a high blood pressure.

Never, but never assume that if you take more pills at once you will feel better. Nope. If two pills did not help you relive the headache, three or four pills won’t help you either. Taking more than one pill can only lead to causing negative effects on your body. Do not take more than you should because most of the people are not aware of how dangerous some pills can be. For example, pills that contain acetaminophen can lead to overdose. And this substance is often contained in many headache pills. So be very careful with them.


Never take someone else’s pills because you are too lazy to go to the doctor and get the prescribed. Just because you feel like you are about to get sick from the flu, it doesn’t have to mean that you have the same bacteria as your friend or some family member. And even if you do, your doctor is the one who should prescribe the medicine and the pharmacist should advice you how much and how long to take it according to your age, height, weight and other medical conditions. We are not the same and it is very wrong to take pills from someone else. What are you going to do if you turn out to be allergic to that medication? So do not play with these things.

Take your medications at the same time every day and make sure not to miss it. Set an alarm if necessary so that you won’t miss it. It will be easier for you to remember. Also, keep your medications close to you and ask other members of the family to tell you in case you forget. It is important to be organized if you take more than one type of pills. In case you get confused, you can always visit your pharmacist and ask them for an advice. Ask them to write down all the important information so that you can always have them with you. Keep all the medications in a dark and dry place and be careful not to use expired medications.