In summer our lifestyle habits can be easily affected. Therefore, although we enjoy the holidays and the good weather, it is essential that we do not neglect our health, especially our heart. We offer tips to continue having a healthy heart in summer. Click here for online cpr course.

Suitable means of transport

You can travel in the means of transport that we prefer, always taking into account that long journeys by plane increase the risk of suffering the tourist class syndrome. Visit this site for online cpr course.

This is characterized “by a deep venous thrombosis in the veins of the legs, which could cause pulmonary thromboembolism.”

This syndrome can be caused by remaining immobile in a reduced place and with movement limitations for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, if we go by car, it is advisable to make stops to stretch the legs; and if we travel by plane, train or boat, it is advisable to take some walks.

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Do not forget the medication

The lack of adherence to treatment in cardiovascular diseases is a major health problem.

Summer is a change of customs and our activity can vary from day to day. Thus, it is easy for us to have some mistake with the pharmacological treatment that we follow, especially if we enjoy holidays in a country with a time difference.

Stay hydrated

In summer, hospital admissions associated with dehydration states increase. Elderly, athletes, pregnant women, children, outdoor workers and chronically ill patients, such as cardiovascular patients, are especially vulnerable to suffering from it and its consequences.

Water accounts for about 70% of our body mass. In summer we lose more liquid, so that percentage decreases and may result in some organs not functioning properly.

We must avoid this situation by drinking between two and three liters of water a day, even if we are not thirsty. This will ensure that all our organs, including the heart, will function properly.


The practice of physical exercise is one of the best tools we have to keep the heart in shape. Even more so in summer, when we have more free time to devote to sports or exercise that we like the most.


While we all look forward to the holidays with the decided goal of resting, there are many who, at this time, continue to maintain a frantic pace that prevents them from achieving their goal.

Going to bed later and doing many activities in a disorderly way can lead us to have more difficulty falling asleep. Although a half-hour nap is fully recommended, we should not recover during the day the hours of sleep lost during the night.