Testosterone is available in many forms. Depending on the brand, manufacturer and the ingredients, quality and the price of testosterone will vary. With all these, before buying testosterone which is available in stores at Walmart, one must keep in mind few things which are really important.

Forms of testosterone:

There are varieties of esters available and any one can be attached to these hormones. They are available as large ones, small ones and some are in between in nature. If they attach large ester then it is going to take up more mass in the compound. There is a massively large ester called Indecanoate ester if this is attached, then it will take up very large portion in the compound. So, when we consider per milligram basis, ester will be occupy more space than the hormone. That is why to meet the desired needs one should have the knowledge to adjust the dose based on the present ester.

If the dose is not adjusted based on the ester present then it is difficult to yield the expected results. So, once the testosterone is purchased it is important to look at the ester that is present. The active duration of the compound directly depends on the ester present. If it has come with larger ester, then duration will be long. Duration of the hormone will be short if it contains smaller esters.

If the hormone comes with small ester then one more thing to remember is hormone must be injected in this case. But advantage is the hormone will have faster benefits if it has smaller esters. But in this case the dose must be taken frequently compared to other forms.

Hence in a nutshell, they are available in stores at Walmart, in 6 different forms. They are

  • Omnadren-:which has both large and small esters
  • Sustanon- 250: this is also a mixture of small esters and large esters
  • Testosterone –Suspension: this supplement is ester free
  • Testosterone – propionate: this contains only small esters
  • Testosterone – Enanthate: this contains only large esters
  • Testosterone- Cypionate: This also comes with only large esters