When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she has to prepare herself to face so many changes and challenges. Some can be good while some can give a tough time to deal with. At such time, it is always advised for them to have a good support; love and care that can help them complete this journey and make it mesmerizing. Talking of which, often there are many things that a woman ignores about her breastfeeding plan. Right from busy schedule till the chaffed nipples, there is much information that a woman needs to be aware of and for which thankfully there are professionals available for the help.

Know more about Lactation Consultant:

A Lactation consultant can be your best and greatest support during breastfeeding phase. Such an expert understands how going through breastfeeding can be a difficult time and that is why offers the best advice that can make your tough time a lot simple. There are few weeks, months and even days which can be quite challenging enough only to figure out what exactly is going to happen. But with such expert’s skill and support, you can understand many things associated with breastfeeding.

Things you might want to know:

  • At first, a newborn would need frequent nursing. This is quite normal. Sometimes, you might have to nurse them after the very hour. I know this can be little annoying but ideally, it is good for the baby’ growth as it is the breastfeeding through which your kid gets direct nourishment.

  • Breastfeeding is not something that will hurt you. At such moment, you need to toughen the nipples and get ready for the baby to suck it in. Of course, lactation expert can help if you find it hurtful and of course, odd sensations and pressures can alert you and know if you need to change your position or the right way to properly latch is needed.
  • Your milk production needs to be stimulated after the first 24 hours. This might be your learning stage but it is the time that you understand how to create milk and give the baby the right supply. Breastfeeding is all about demand and supply and if you and your baby are not demanded the breast from the milk then your body will also stop making enough of milk and eventually would completely stop.

Of course, being a mother is a lovely thing that every woman at some point wishes for. But it is also a challenging job and to make sure that you have the best time to develop and let your baby grow, it is important that you speak with your expert consultant on the same and get some handful tips that can be used on the routine basis. There are many breast feeding consultants in Mumbai but look for the one who has been advised by your health care expert or a friend who was attending the sessions of such consultant earlier.

To conclude, breastfeeding is one of the priceless possessions for a mother and it benefits both the mother and the baby. But the sad part is that it is considered to be a lost art in the modern era and the lactation specialist stresses on the advantages it offers to both parties.