Due to various advanced technologies in medical field there are many different modern techniques in dermatology. Ageing is the one of the undeniable aspect in this life but early symptoms of ageing affects the skin and causes wrinkles, lines, frown lines and bumpy chin. As it affects the beauty of the person, it affects them emotionally also. Therefore they try different cosmetic products from the market to treat the ageing symptoms on the face and to look younger. The genetic changes, overweight and imbalanced diet in the body causes early ageing and the symptoms of ageing. But though the try different cosmetic products in the market they could not get desired results as it is not to be treated in the surface of the skin but somewhere down under the skin. Therefore usage of such products is waste of money and time, as it already affects the person emotionally.

As the scenario is like this they rely on different cosmetic treatments that can give them desired result but the fact is that even then there are side effects of taking some treatment techniques. One of the most common treatments that are injectable type to treat the ageing symptoms on the skin is botox injections. The main reason to use this technique is to get the desired results because this is the best technique that treats the muscles under the skin. Usually other techniques involve changing the upper surface of the skin to remove blemishes and lines but actually it is not proper to treat the upper surface of the skin. The upper surface shows the result but the actual problem is under the skin. This is the reason that many cosmetic treatment and products fail. The muscles under the skin are contracted which causes furrow lines, ageing lines and wrinkles.


In such cases botox treatment will be more helpful to take treat the muscle to remove the lines on the face. Botox injection is very famous cosmetic treatment technique for treating ageing symptoms and has been most recommended by dermatologists. Many people think that it is a painful process but actually it is not. It is not like usual injection, they are tiny injections not injected deeply. They are injected lightly to treat under the upper surface of the skin to treat skin tissues and relax the contracted skin muscles. Botox is otherwise called as purified protein that is used to treat the skin muscles.

It is injected in to the muscles to treat the frown lines as it relaxes the muscles by blocking the transmission between muscles and nerves. As the transmission is stopped the muscle gets relaxed and hence the frown lines are treated. Botox may be new for cosmetic treatment but it is usually used to relax the muscle spasms as it is a well know muscle relaxant. This injection is recommended by the dermatologists since there are no side effects in this. The website http://www.russakdermatology.com/botox-new-york-city/ gives clear information about botox injections and clarifies about benefits and side effects.