The branch of cosmetic, restorative dentistry focuses more on healing and teeth and gums beauty, and various works are done to maintain the teeth and gums appearance. We’ve asked a cosmetic dentist in Oakville about this branch. They replied that restorative cosmetic dentistry’s most important goals are performing various methods to replace lost teeth, repair damaged teeth, replace worn teeth, and treat gum and oral disease. At first, the dentist should pay attention to the teeth beauty, such as the color, position, shape, size, alignment, and smile appearance.

Various treatments by a restorative dentist

There are various treatment methods for repairing and beautifying damaged teeth, and the specialist dentist selects the treatment related to it according to the damage type. Treatments include the following:

Restorative dentistry: repairing the damaged teeth, crowns, bridges, dental implants

Cosmetic dentistry: Bleaching (teeth whitening), porcelain veneers, bandages (tooth transplants), improving the appearance of the gum, and treating bruxism (solving the problem of damaged teeth and eliminating its symptoms)

Orthodontics: orthodontics will affect the person’s smile if a sophisticated and skilled specialist does it. Orthodontic services include surgery for jaw retardation and protrusion and broken teeth arrangement.

Oral surgery: tooth extraction, soft and hard tissue transplantation, and root canal treatment

Periodontal treatment: gingival surgery and scaling treatment

Many dentists work in this field as cosmetic dentists without any expertise and only for marketing.

Having two specialties in dentistry is very important and greatly impacts teeth beauty, which is orthodontics and prosthetics.

Standard options in a restorative and cosmetic dentist include the following:

  1. Orthodontic
  2. Adding materials to teeth such as porcelain bands and veneers, laminate, crown
  3. Removing and adding to the gum and tooth structure
  4. Laser teeth whitening (bleaching) and improving gum color


Laser teeth whitening (bleaching)

This is one of the most common and popular methods for cosmetic teeth. Of course, there may be other unapproved and non-medical methods to change the teeth color, but bleaching is more recommended due to a specialist’s supervision. In this method, the teeth are first covered with rubber gum. Then a kind of chemical is placed on the teeth. In the last step, an argon beam is used to accelerate the teeth whitening process. It is worth mentioning that laser teeth whitening is six times more effective than other methods.

Removing part of the enamel

When the tooth needs correction or change, some of the tooth enamel is shaved. For example, when the tooth is too long or short or crooked and uneven, the dentist has to cut a part of the enamel to maintain the tooth’s appearance.

A dental bridge

A dental bridge is a beneficial choice for missing teeth. For this purpose, the dentist maintains the tooth’s natural appearance with a suspension bridge and its installation. The bridge’s useful life long is about ten years.


Dental implants

Titanium implants are often used to replace missing teeth. This implant is attached to the tooth crown with a prosthesis or other methods and is placed in your jaw.