To enhance exercise performance, you can carry all the different types if workouts. It helps you to delay the time taken to fatigue. This is done by the increase in your blood flow to muscles, speeding up the ATP recycling and stimulating your CNS. The supplements are not been tested for long-term usage. So no one can say whether a supplement is benign for long term use. The pre workout supplements are a blend of ingredients; you can’t simply tell which can cause fitness risk. At higher dose, it may contain ingredients that are dangerous to your health.


Safe Supplement consumption

  1. The workouts are generally sold under dietary supplements and thus they don’t come under FDA rules. So their marketing claims are not regulated or scientifically approved. Not all, but the majority of them lack study on humans regarding safety. However, there is risk of overdose.
  2. There is very little research taken for the safety of supplements on daily usage. Caffeine is one of the major ingredients in most workouts. Drinking coffee before workout helps to improve your exercise performance. Some of the before workout supplement includes:
  • Caffeine- Everyone is generally familiar with caffeine and its effects as they are widely consumed on daily basis. Coffee is the best recommended supplement for daily basis.
  • Creatine- The updated result of the research for creatine proves it to be safe. Creatine essentially draws water into muscle cells and thus provides greater strength to the person.
  • β-Alanine
  • Arginine- This is the precursor to nitric oxide which is a vasodilator. Basically it permits more blood to reach skeletal muscle and therefore let the user perform a stiffer workout.
  • 1,3-Dimethylamylamine – This one is similar to ephedrine but has some hullabaloo. The FDA is keeping a close eye on this stuff because; speciously some in the army died after doing a long while using Jack3d.
  • Ephedrine
  1. Pre workouts are mainly aimed to give you a kick while working out to help you push those few extra reps with heavy weights and basically it makes you jumpy and highly focused. Due to the presence of the ingredients like ephedrine, caffeine, arginine, etc. it helps you even in looing fat as well. Also, it helps in minimizing or nullifying the muscle mass loss during the process.
  2. Supplements can assists you in many different ways, be it heavy weight training or cardio. As it is a stimulant, so you can get addicted to it over prolonged continued use. Therefore, you need to cycle the supplement for 1-2 months which means that discontinue the supplementation for a period of 2-4 weeks after a prolonged usage.
  3. Faulty consumption time specially within 3-4 hours of your sleep time might interfere with your sleep pattern due to the presence of ephedrine in it and to make up for that again you have to take an another supplement- ZMA for better sleep.

Most supplements claiming to be vasodilators are garbage. Unless they contain nitrate / nitrite, or some sort of phosphodiesterase inhibitor then they are just blowing smoke. The best recommended is some black coffee which is cheap and gets the job done, with many other beneficial effects to boot.