Vaping along with electronic cigarettes are considered to be a safe choice than smoking regular cigarettes, and it is a safe bet so as to stop smoking. One thing for sure is that all the sources go on to put nicotine in your body which is not safe when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Now you need to figure out what is the core philosophy of e cigarettes during pregnancy. It is essentially a nicotine based delivery service. Some of them go on to look a bit futuristic whereas others do resemble a regular cigarette. The components of it are a battery and there is a cartridge filled which contains nicotine with flavours along with a host of chemicals like glycerine. When the liquid is heated up inside and goes on to become a vapor then you inhale it. The whole process is termed as vaping.

Woman shows the electronic cigarette

On the other hand, when you smoke a regular cigarette it goes on to provide nicotine to your lungs by burning tobacco, which goes on to create smoke that you inhale. Tobacco is known to contain thousands of toxic chemicals. Vapor when it comes from electronic cigarette also contains nicotine, which does go on to provide serious complications during the course of pregnancy. Traces of nickel or chromium can be found which can have an impact on the developing foetus as well. The liquids used in this form of cigarettes are not regulated and many of them are known to contain flavouring agent or other form of chemicals. There is no clear-cut evidence on inhaling these vapours, leaving apart the pregnancy part. So, the message is loud and clear which is to avoid vaping when pregnant.

Recent research does point to the fact that women do have some misconceptions as far as e cigarettes are concerned. 43% of them were of the opinion that e cigarettes and vaping were safe during the course of pregnancy. Only 57% of the people were aware that this form of cigarette had nicotine and 61 % of the masses felt that it was addictive.

The basic fact which emerges is that e cigarettes go on to put nicotine in you along with your baby. There is no safe level with regards to nicotine exposure, and if it is experienced before the course of pregnancy, it can lead to altered brain function and structure in the babies.

In the perfect sense, no pregnant women should go on to smoke. This is harmful for her as well as the baby on all counts. But all of us live in a real world and many women who smoke do become pregnant. If this is the case you should go on to stop smoking be it electronic or regular cigarettes. If you smoke and are pregnant then it is suggested that you convey it to your doctor. Ask her opinion considering the fact that you are planning a switch to e cigarettes.