It is a fact that bodybuilders and even other sportspersons use additional products to help the growth of the muscles and to remain fit. These products are what are called as steroids which are nothing but supplements that help bodybuilders build and maintain bulk muscles and also to enhance endurance and performance. There are many popular steroids today that are available easily and most of them are widely used. Though most of these steroids are known by all, there is one steroid which is not that well-known and that is Cheque Drops.

The working of Cheque Drops

Cheque Drops is a legal substance but for veterinary purposes. It is a drug which is created mainly for use in dogs. It is mainly used in female dogs so that they do not go into heat. Chemically known as Mibolerone, these Drops are androgenic steroids. Its main role is to suppress the effects of estrogens which is actually the female hormone and it is this hormone that enhances ovulation both in women and female dogs. It also stimulates production of progesterone which works similar to estrogens.  As the name itself suggests are available in the form of only drops. This is not considered valid for human consumption though. Even for dogs, the veterinarian does not recommend the drops to all but it is given only after thorough examination of the dog. The dosage given is also strictly supervised.

There are also many other steroids which are also regarded as veterinary products but they are still used because they are potent as well as cause few side effects. Two examples are Equipoise and Trenbolone.

Dosage and side effects of Cheque Drops

The general dose used by bodybuilders varies from 200 mcg to 300 mcg. Though it has to be taken daily, it is to be used only for a limited time period. Prolonged use is to be prevented. Before one starts using it, it is imperative to understand that it is an animal steroid and hence there is not much clarity on the right dosage. The side effects can be appearance of male breasts or the condition known as gynecomastia, high blood pressure, severe water retention and more.

Women should refrain from using these Drops completely as it can cause menstruation to stop, increased growth of hair on the body and even on the face, and even lead to clitoris enlargement.

The side effects differ from person to person as it depends on genetic factors, the metabolic rate of the body and so on. It can lead to cardiovascular complications and even affect cholesterol levels in the harmful manner. A side effect that male users, especially bodybuilders, should be wary about is that these Drops can suppress naturally produced testosterone in the body.

Thus, you need to be extra cautious in using the steroid and if possible, try to use the milder steroids or some other alternatives. Also, before you start on any steroid, make it a point to know more about it, its method of usage, dose instructions, side effects and precautions to take.