There are many skin problems that a lot of us have experienced in our lives. Be it acne, rash, pigmentation, dark circles or anything else, a skin breakout can cause a lot of stress and tension. More often than we realize, if skin problems are not treated time to time, we might face severe skin conditions which will eventually require medical attention. In India, over the years we are able to find many dermatologists who have dedicated their skin speciality clinics to cure patients with all sorts of dermatology issues. The metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc are some of the top destinations in India for people to find skin specialists with good number of years in the cosmetology field. When it comes to Bangalore, there are many places which have qualified cosmetologists like Koramangala, Jayanagar, Kammanahalli or say the skin specialist in Whitefield.

Bangalore reportedly has seen a rise in the number of people visiting these skin clinics over the years. Take the skin specialist in HSR Layout for example, where people today are ready to spend any amount if the quality of the treatment is worth it. So, if you are in Bangalore, and you are planning on visiting one of these skin clinics, you might actually go ahead with a bit of pre-visit research. Bangalore skin speciality clinics are giving the dermatology clinics across India a tough competition.

The skin specialist in Whitefield are also getting popular within the close vicinity of Bangalore. You can find an expert dermatologist here with all the basic equipment and best-in-class infrastructure. But if you are in a different city and you need some quick fix before you can shell out your money to a dermatologist, you can perhaps try these latest trends in skin care for 2017, which have been tested and tried by billions worldwide.

  1. Organic Masks:

The buzzword of the year 2016 was “anti-pollution” and it is evident to see that women these days are looking a healthier and a natural option when it comes to skin pampering. Take the avocado pulp, the lemon extracts, charcoal mask or the turmeric paste – homemade face masks are void of any inorganic content that might damage your skin temporarily. Moreover, even beauty products these days are coming up with natural skin products, owing it to the increasing demand. Women today are more aware of what they apply to their skin, its benefits and disadvantages. This awareness of naturally cleaner products became even more popular in 2017 and is trending as well.

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  1. Reduced Exfoliation:

Scrubbing the skin once in a while is good for the skin and helps in maintaining a clear and smooth texture. Exfoliation is a common phenomenon, be it for the face, legs, arms, neck, feet or even lips. While it is recommended to use pumice stone, mild brush, loofah or scrubbing cream; we must cut back on the excess exfoliation. This is because our body contains particular bacteria that help in maintaining the PH of our body further immunizing us from getting skin diseases like eczema or rosacea. Removing these healthy bacteria can elevate the enzymes level and later damage the collagen in our skin. This can result in saggy and wrinkly skin, which is a favourite to no one really. Year 2017 witnessed many ladies avoiding too much of scrubbing, in order to maintain the right PH of the skin.

  1. SPF Magic:

A recent study was conducted on a group of identical twins to understand the benefits of SPF on the skin. It was concluded that the twin sibling who had frequently used sunscreens over the years, eventually turned out to have a younger looking skin than the other one. This was a result of not just using sun-blocks with high SPF but also due to other factors such as less smoking, eating healthy and drinking loads of water. But the fact that SPFs do help in reducing wrinkles, has got the cosmetic industry discover new paths of beautification. This recent innovation is ground-breaking not just for the beauty products manufacturers but also the people who are looking to maintain a healthy and young skin over the years.

  1. Detox Water:

You must have come across this latest concept of “Detox Water” which has got all the thing you need in a simple beauty hack. It is easy to make, is a quick recipe, can be carried anywhere and guess what? It works as well! It is a known fact that drinking water helps the body get rid of many skin and health issues. But plain drinking water can sometimes get boring too. So, to encourage water intake in the body, nutritionist recommend preparing our personal detox water. It brings a new flavour to your palate and as the word suggests, it detoxes your body internally and flushes out majority of toxic elements. There are a number of flavours that you can try out, some being: lemon, green apple, orange, grapefruit, cucumber, kiwi, mint leaves, cinnamon etc.

  1. Popping Pills:

It is true that we are what we eat and what goes inside our body shows on our outside as well. True to this belief, many women have seen astonishing beauty results after taking beauty supplements and the necessary vitamins. The popular ones are omega-3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You can look out for the various supplements that are available near you at a pharmacy or even online as per your requirements. It would be advisable however, to consult a dermatologist before you settle for any of the vitamins or pills. With the help of these pills, you can see an evident change in your skin tone over time and the gradual increase in its health as well.