The stott pilates teacher training and certification programs provide instructors with the resources to motivate students, administer valid assessments, and secure repeat business.

Stott pilates, the “Ivy League” of Pilates programs, equips you with the depth of knowledge and practical programming options necessary to successfully instruct clients ranging in age from post-rehabilitation patients to professional athletes in either group or individual settings.

Whether you’re a gym owner, a rehabilitation specialist, or a fitness instructor, we have a course that will meet your needs. Some relevant courses or modules make up each program, and you may take them wherever, whenever it’s most convenient for you or your business.

Extensive Coursework

Participating in the stott Intensive pilates program benefits those in the fitness and healthcare industries. Thanks to this course of study, you’ll learn all you need to know to stott pilates Matwork and equipment classes with assurance, safety, and expertise.

stott pilates teacher training

Completion Of The Entire Program

Courses in-depth on the subject include functional anatomy and the skills necessary to design effective Matwork and equipment-based programs. Anyone who has practiced yoga or pilates before or has some background in movement might benefit from these exercises.

The Science Of Human Performance, Or, How Our Bodies Work

Anyone who has to fulfill the anatomy requirement for the Intensive classes may use the Functional Anatomy course as a refresher. It also serves as excellent preparation for the stott Comprehensive pilates program. Through visual aids and hands-on activities, this lecture-style program gives students a thorough grounding in the foundations of anatomy necessary for success in all Matwork and equipment-based courses.

Forward Planning

The Advanced program includes Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels classes. To get your final certification, you must complete the Advanced program.

Distinct Groups And Illnesses

The stott pilates Injuries & Special Populations training will equip you to handle many physical problems your clients may have. Finishing ISP is necessary for full accreditation.

Setup SPX

When health clubs want to implement a high-quality group Pilates program quickly and easily, the stott pilates group spx programming stream is the way to go. These Group SPX certification courses and seminars were explicitly developed for group fitness instructors and provided educators with the tools they need to inform, inspire, and improve their classes.

Plan For Conversion

Crossover courses were intended to aid educators in transitioning from one mode of education to another, whether from individual to classroom instruction or vice versa. Unlike our standard procedures, the Crossover options bridge the gap between the Group and Intensive or Comprehensive programs.

Therapeutical Procedures

There is a Rehabilitation program designed for licensed medical professionals (such as PTs, OTs, SMOs, and DCs) who wish to include modified stott pilates exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation.