If there was a medicine that could treat alcoholism, migraine, depression, bipolar disorder, and many such harmful diseases, then would you give it a try? A lot of people suffer from such illnesses, and a lot of people have loved ones whom they want to be cured. If you get the opportunity of treatment, then we believe you would never miss it. One such medicine that can cure these mental and physical health issues is wisepowder lithium orotate. It is the purest form of lithium that you can use in the mode of medication to cure several diseases.

What are the benefits of this medicine?

This medicine is used in a low dosage and should be used under proper prescription. There is no research over the dosage of the medicine so, you must take it under the doctor’s order. If you keep in mind these facts, then here are some benefits of lithium orotate:

  • Bipolar disorder – this is a situation in which a person is suffering from extreme mood conditions. The hyper mood changes can be controlled through the proper medication system of lithium orotate. It also improves the condition of people suffering from depression as a part of the bipolar disorder. A lot of psychiatrists and renowned doctors have suggested it to be one of the best works.
  • Headache and migraine – this medicine can cure severe aches and migraine conditions of the brain. Several doctors have proven results of the same. Studies have shown that this medicine can reduce the effects of migraine and severe headaches.
  • Alcoholism – according to research, the wisepowder lithium orotate can cure alcoholism. Though there might be some minor side-effects, the medicine has proven its credibility to cure alcoholism.
  • Sleep – a lot of people find it difficult to sleep on time or sometimes at all. Anxiety or depression can be a reason for the same, but those who are suffering from a sleep disorder can make use of this medicine to cure the same. The medicine can be used under proper guidance to improve sleep quality as well.
  • Digestion – inflammation can be caused in the stomach because of an unhealthy diet, or toxic dishes, etc. It can cause a lot of trouble while digestion as well. Both inflammation and digestion are some of the diseases or health-related factors that can be cured through this medicine.

Should pregnant women consume lithium orotate?

At the stage of pregnancy or lactation, a woman should avoid the consumption of lithium orotate. There is no permanent record of the ill-effects that are caused, but it is termed harmful. A woman must not consume lithium orotate at the time of breastfeeding because it can become a part of that milk, and the infant might consume it like wisepowder L-Ergothioneine (EGT). It can cause a lot of problems for the infant. So, if you are pregnant or at the stage of lactation, we suggest you not consume lithium orotate.