Addiction to drugs and / or alcohol is a life-changing disease and can be harmful not only to the addict, but also to his family and close friends. To better understand addiction as a disease, you must first understand what the addict and / or addiction looks like. Seeing an exciting lifestyle in yourself or in the life of a loved one, you can look for an appropriate rehabilitation treatment.

So what is addiction? Formally, addiction to drugs or alcohol can be described as a constant abuse of a substance that adversely affects a person’s life and the life of those around him. This is a chemical addiction that over time becomes a lifestyle. Dependence can affect rational decision making, internal willpower, character and personal strength.

There are several negative consequences that can come with harmful addiction, in addition to problems associated with poor health. Some of these effects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial difficulties
  • Inability to work
  • Poor hygiene
  • Losing time with family and / or friends.
  • Broken relationship
  • Overdose death or inability to make right / healthy decisions

Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare

Dependence is not just abuse of a harmful substance. Dependence also encompasses all behaviors, rituals and feelings that encourage drug addiction to continue to use drugs and / or alcohol. In many cases, getting rid of these bad habits and correcting these negative feelings and / or behaviors is just as difficult as not continuing to use the chemical.

It is often difficult for an addict to give up drugs or alcohol on his own. Even if they make an informed decision, support from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is strongly recommended. In these centers, a person can receive medical assistance at Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, advice and support from others in such situations.

When looking for a rehabilitation center for the fight against drugs and alcohol, you have to make many decisions. Ask a friend or family member for help might be a good idea. Together, the addict and his loved one can choose options such as a gender-oriented center, a spirit-based program, etc. The choice should be taken as a positive step forward, so you should not be afraid to ask questions to the center specialists before starting the program.


Dependence can affect relationships, finances and health, even to the point of universal personal annihilation. Although you also need to understand that people overcome addictions every day. There is hope when contacting a rehabilitation center. It is never too late to start on the path to a healthy and complete recovery.