Wrinkle is cute – only, when they appear on puppies. When the wrinkles appear on you, the matter will not be so cute anymore. You will of course do your best to get rid of the wrinkles. There are a countless creams and lotions which claim to erase your wrinkles. However, these rarely works when it comes to making wrinkle disappear. This is why, people opt for medical treatment to take care of their wrinkles. You too need to opt for this if you really want to have that smooth and beautiful skin. Ulthera in San Jose is an effective treatment which you can opt for when you are trying to get rid of wrinkles.

Ulthera in San Jose- What Can You Get Out of It

This treatment not only erases wrinkles, this treatment makes it a point to tighten the skin around eyes. It also gives skin a smooth appearance. With regular sitting you will notice that your skin has been lifted and you look better with time. This is one of the reasons people opt for this treatment. There is another reason for opting for this treatment. The treatment is FDA approved which is why, you can be assured that it is a safe treatment.

Why this treatment is unique? You might ask before you opt for it. Well, the thing is – this is a non surgical treatment which uses the natural healing power of body to cure wrinkle and other skin related problems. After the treatment you will see that your skin has tightened, you look young and the wrinkles have disappeared. This is why you can go see a skin doctor who offer this treatment.


Before you opt for Ulthera in San Jose, remember that experience matters in this case. If you end up going for the wrong doctor you might regret. This treatment needs skill and expertise. This is why, you must go for some clinic which offers this treatment or they specialize in this sector. Here you can check the image of the other patients to know whether the clinic works or not.

Cost Determination

The treatment is not a costly one. Yet the cost depends on the skin type which you have. The extent of damage will determine whether you need to spend a lot of money for your treatment or not. The doctor will let you know about the number sittings which you need to get the desired skin. You will also get a price quotation along with this information. Once you get it, you will be able to plan your treatment procedure.

The Procedure

Well, you need to know that energy gets used to cure wrinkle. So, you might feel some level of discomfort when you are going for this treatment. However, this sensation might differ depending on the energy requirement of the skin. You might not feel anything at all. Or, you might feel some level of awkward sensation due to the application of energy.

However, you need to find a doctor who knows how to manage pain while applying the energy over skin.