Do you know that the friendly pharmacist you visit for your prescription medicines is much more than a skilled professional who knows how to read your doctor’s prescription? Besides giving you medicines over the counter; your pharmacist has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to medicines and healthcare. He can be your guide when it comes to helping you take your medicines in the right way and give you knowledge when it comes to medicine do’s and donts!

Nabil Fakih – Your healthcare regime depends upon your pharmacist 

Nabil Fakih is an esteemed and widely respected pharmacist from Dearborn Heights, MI, and he is the owner of Dearborn Pharmacy in the USA. He is popular for his kind and compassionate approach and attitude when it comes to helping people with their prescription medicines. He says that you will only go to a pharmacist when he is skilled and friendly. This is because you need extra compassion when you are battling illness or disease. Your pharmacist, along with your doctor, works together so that you or a loved one who is ill can take your medicines without any negative reactions. He says that some medicines do have side effects because of their chemical compositions, but your doctor will give you information about them. Your pharmacist goes the extra mile to help you correctly take medicine with meals. He will tell you what to avoid eating and drinking with your medicines so that the intensity of the side effects is reduced.

Available for help 

Do you know that if you need assistance or help with your medicines, you do not have to drive all the way up to your pharmacist? They are available for help on phone and email. This helps you if you stay in a rural area far from the city. Pharmacists are also authorized to give you vaccines, and you can get all the information on the above from The American Pharmacists Association online. This means if you need an immunization, you just need to contact your pharmacist and fix the date.

Get advice from your pharmacist

Often you might not be able to contact your doctor after chamber hours. You can consult your pharmacist when it comes to additional information or concerns when it comes to your medications. Often, you might have missed asking your doctor some questions; this is where your pharmacist steps in to help you. You can get all of your doubts cleared instantly.

He says that when you are choosing your pharmacist, ensure that it has good credentials in the market, and is trusted. The working hours should be convenient for you. Good pharmacies like Dearborn Pharmacy have good online reviews. This means if you shift to a new place and wish to know about the credentials of a pharmacy close to your home, ensure that you check out its patient testimonials and reviews online. You get the chance to read about the honest opinions of other patients and make an informed decision without tension.