Part from the ability to eat, smile and speak properly there are several other benefits of having a complete set of teeth. The advantages of a tooth are deeply realized by a person who is suffering from a lack of one. A suitable and trustworthy technique for the effective replacement of a lost tooth is the dental implant procedure which is known to prevent the loss of bone by the transmission of load forces into the jawbone during the process of chewing restoring the structure of the facial skeleton while improving nutrition to a considerable level. Some of the severe consequences which a person with a missing tooth might face are drift of adjacent teeth when there is existence of gap between two consecutive teeth. This may result in the trapping of food in the gap eventually leading to tooth decay. There is also some difficulty in chewing which can lead to indigestion. Loss of tooth can also result in deformed facial structure and decrease in youthful appearance as also loss of parity in lip support.


Eligible candidates

Most people who are suffering from tooth loss often wonder which dental procedure is suitable for them to combat such loss. The most suitable option for any and just every other person suffering from similar problem is undergoing a dental implant surgery. You can replace your missing teeth in just a few minutes through this simple and safe procedure. Such a surgery is suitable for all patients irrespective of their age, whether the loss of teeth is due to accident, injury, gum disease or due to any other reason. The only thing that is necessary for such surgery is the availability of sufficient dental bone to assist in such implant. However, there are some health-related conditions which must be taken care of before undergoing such surgery procedure. Some specific chronic ailments, abuse of alcohol, heavy smoking and other health complications may have a severe impact on the well-being of the individual. A skilled and experienced surgeon will evaluate the health history of the patient in detail and only after complete scrutiny will suggest certain precautionary measures to be taken to avoid any negative impacts arising from such surgery technique.

Insurance coverage

Although dental implant provides an excellent solution to replace your missing teeth the cost involved for such procedure can be quite expensive. So, it is advised to get an insurance done for your dental care. In general, the cost of dental implant is not covered in dental insurance but such coverage can be obtained under medical plan. The insured must be aware of the fact that only by having a good dental insurance won’t guarantee the insurance coverage of your dental implant surgery. There are various terms included in the terms of the policy which directly or indirectly excludes such surgery cost. However, it is possible for people to recover the cost of such surgery from insurance companies only if an all-care dental insurance is done.