‘Brain mapping’ or Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) is an evidence-based, FDA approved diagnostic tool that measures the processing and speed of brain function. It is an influential tool for identifying substantial deficiencies and/or excess (abnormalities) in a person’s brain electrical patterns that can be connected with disorders such as memory and learning problems, anxiety and depression, attention-hyperactivity disorders. Put simply, the brain map scientifically and objectively evaluates an individual’s brainwave function.

Brain Health

At around the age of 40, research shows that the brain naturally begins to slow. Brain wave action can reduce, which can affect memory, focus and energy. There is greater proneness to stress related problems, which can result in chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, decreased sexual vitality, weakened immune systems, insomnia and other sleep associated disorders.

It is appraised that in your brain you have about one hundred billion neurons. It has been ventured that after you reach the age of 40, you lose about one thousand neurons each day. Research shows that motivating the brain habitually can offset this loss. That is why it is recommended that you do word puzzles and other types of brain games to keep yourself fit.

Brain mapping makes use of an objective assessment and measurement procedure which identifies where the slower brain wave activity is located and why certain issues may be happening. Through this FDA approved procedure, based on the results of your assessments, an individualized program for regaining and reclaiming your full potential at any age can be established through neurodevelopment training.

Brain Mapping Procedure

The technique may take about roughly two hours. It normally consists of placing a comfy cap on the head which comprises of small electrodes to measure the electrical patterns coming from the brain. It is entirely non-invasive. There is no discomfort or pain associated with the procedure. After your assessments are made and brain is mapped as to what may be causing dysfunction, a neuro-feedback training program is established. Dr. Curtis Cripe calls the multidimensional combination of data collection, remediation and analysis the Brain Recovery Program. It is an innovative and collaborative program that has many benefits and features, and many in the industry are considering the possibilities of what can be accomplished now and in the future.


Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback training is brainstorm biofeedback. A couple of electrodes are placed on the scalp during typical training and one or two are generally put on the ear lobe. Then, technological electronic equipment provides you with visual feedback and instantaneous, real-time audio about your brainwave activity. The electrodes measure the electrical patterns approaching from the brain. Your brainwave patterns are recorded by simply relaying to the computer.

Usually, individuals cannot influence the brainwave patterns because people lack awareness of them. Nevertheless, when you can see your brainwaves on a PC screen a few thousandths of a second after they happen, it gives you the ability to effect and modify them. People are literally retraining and reconditioning the brain.

So think how delightful it would be to rehabilitate your brain to function at its optimal whether it be to perform better in school, at sports, in the arts, in business or just in daily life. As Dr. Curtis Cripe says, with neurodevelopment and brain mapping, you can now attain a better you!