Call it globalization or simply wanderlust, but people from everywhere want to visit every other place. From a similar context rose Imperfecto, a restaurant that wants to bring all the countries of the world on a plate. From the ever popular pizzas and pastas to the Spanish Tapas, everything at Imperfecto is served with a special twist.

The restaurant finds its perfection from blatant imperfection. Somewhere you can see motorcycles and bicycles hanging from ceiling and somewhere there are books falling from the sky. If any décor brings to life the basic idea of fusion, it can be found at Imperfecto.


1A,2nd Floor,

Hauz Khas Village,

South Delhi

Timings: 12.00 pm to 1.00 am

The Ambiance

Imperfecto covers two floors apart from a terrace seating area. While one floor is only for the food and the bar, the other has an elevated area for live performances and has the smoker’s balconies. Conveniently located in a building placed right at the entrance ofHauzKhas Village, Imperfecto gives you an ingenious ambiance for time well spent. With elite interiors and plush sofas, the theme of fusion can be seen in the artifacts that grace the restaurant; shoes hanging on a wall, rusty lock and keys, a broken typewriter, evena broken sofa; everything plays to your idea of imperfection while creating the perfect vibe.

The Food

Now comes the juicy bit. Every décor item in Imperfecto is a visual delight, and every dish on the menu is a perfect treat for the taste buds. The menu includes dishes from North Indian, Mediterranean,Spanish, Italian, and Continental cuisines that can completely annihilate your hunger pangs. With a variety including calzones, pizzas, sandwiches, tandoor dishes, tapas, and grills, the fusion dishes offered here make for as diverse a menu as you’ll see anywhere.

The Fusion

If you are in the mood for some impeccable fusion dishes, here is what we suggest to have when you’re here:

  • Spaghetti with Dal Makhani Roasted Garlic in Extra Olive Oil
  • Penne Paneer Tomato Hara Dhania
  • Risotto Paneer Dal Makhani with Cream and Roasted Garlic

The Extras

The bar at Imperfecto is stocked with a selection of some of the most popular international and local drinks. Another great addition is their collection of hookahs. All in all, no matter what your mood, you can always have a good time in here.

Encapsulating the experience you have here, it is never ever dull and almost always perfect when you are at Imperfecto!