The era of modernization and social upliftment has left no stones unturned towards the direction of a wealthy health. But as everything deprecates with time so do our health. A young child heals at a much faster rate than an adult. We struggle every-day from an acute pain in our body but we ignore it. This ignorance comes generally due to the lack of a trusty-worthy clinic or due to the rising health care costs. It seems better to manage on our own than to reach out to the experts. But it would be very wrong to generalize this fact. There is always a lotus blooming amidst the mud. Just like “North York Physiotherapy clinic.”

The therapists here are very professional in nature graduated from very renowned universities and have a very vast experience in their field of expertise. Some of the very experts like “Astur Sarkisyan”- a registered physiotherapist, “Dr. Paul  Agyemang” – chiropractor, “EwaOszust” – Registered message therapists find their home here. The therapists are very kind in nature providing a systematic growth chart which helps the patients in monitoring their own path to cure. The therapists are always at service, ready to help the patients in every possible way. The expertise meets humanity here.

Services Provided:

  1. Physiotherapy – Immobilization of the limbs or the stiffness in the joints are healed by proper routine exercise and control of diet. The patients can be accident victims or the ones with very less immobilization and excess weight. Electric simulations, cold and hot packs, deep tissue massage, ultrasounds are the normal techniques for such patients. A complete survey of the treatment is mentioned where the therapists look into the progress meter and changes required in it to progress faster.
  2. Chiropractic Treatment: Ever felt the sudden stiffing of the nerves without any accident. The hands work the best in healing it. Chiropractic treatment refers to elimination of body issues arising due to the nervous system. The nerves tend to wind sometimes and a professional chiropractor can do magic to heal it.
  3. Acupuncture: A Chinese treatment which has found itself very useful in getting rid of pain, health issue after being medically tested. Fine sterile needles are pierced in some specific locations and leads to an increased energy and deep relaxation with the feeling of no pain. It also improves the metabolism of the body.
  4. Psychotherapy: Many a times a person complains of acute headache or pain in body due to some trauma, stress or a bad experience. Therapists here provide the interactive sessions too which helps one to go through the folded sections of his brain to find the reason of the pain arising in his mind and cure it. The therapists believe in a complete mind and body balance for a perfect health Mind needs to be in perfect condition to register the bodily impacts.
  5. Motor Vehicle Accidents: The general scenario of a human is to by-pass the medical clinics due to the pain involved in claiming medical bills and insurance due to some accidents. The assistants help in filling out all the documents of the insurance company and helps in finding out whether the accident was your fault or not.


North York Physiotherapy Clinic are complete in themselves treating their patients as their own kin and helping them in getting rid of their difficulties in the smoothest way possible. Next time if anybody finds themselves in any such situation, they can trust these clinics blindly.

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