If you work in the medical sector, then there is a chance of getting exposed to radiation. Many healthcare professionals do not have any effects of radiation while receiving. But they can affect one in the future. Because it only affects the DNA structure and shows the effects later. However, these days, you could measure the amount of radiation dose received using the dosimetry device. This is essential that every healthcare professional who works in a certain department should consider wearing this device.

What is dosimetry?

Dosimetry is the field of radiation protection that helps to measure and calculate the ionizing radiation absorbed by a human body. It can be used to consider evaluating both internal and external radiation. With the help of centro de dosimetría, healthcare professionals could keep themselves safe from exposure. Here are a few ways that the radiation dose is measured and let the professional know about the radiation dose.

Absorbed dose:This type of dose helps in examining the biochemical changes in the tissue. When you know the absorbed dose, it would help you to understand whether the radiation has spread to other organs or not. You will get to know about the exact radiation dose in the body.

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Equivalent dose:With this dose, you will get to know about the biological damage that happens due to the absorbed dose. The equivalent dose mainly focuses on the radiation impact on the tissue. This is used by the centro de dosimetría to calculate radiation in the human body.

Effective dose:Next, an effective dose is used to estimate the long-term effects that the radiation can cause for your body. This helps the individuals to know about the long-term risks and they take the right steps to prevent the issues.

Hence, the above are a few details that you should know about dosimetry. As a healthcare organization, you should have the right equipment to monitor the radiation exposure to your staff members. You can choose the best centre that is specialized in providing dosimetry services. They would offer different types of the dosimetry and you can get the reports of radiation exposure received either monthly or annually.

It is not possible to get the reports without the proper knowledge. You need the right experts who have good knowledge in dosimetry and provide the appropriate results. It is essential to choose the right dosimetry centre services that would help you to get the reports accurately.