Our beauty is from our skin. If we talk about on average basis we generally lather, rub and spray different skin care products to our body. But do we exactly know what is that is going deep inside our body? Yes, the things that we apply on our body are absorbed deep within causing their own reactions. These chemicals are a threat where maximum cosmetic companies do say that they use chemical-free ingredients. The artificial fragrances, toxins are considered to be a hormone disruptor which can cause many serious defects like infertility and sperm damage, etc. When there is so harm in using such cosmetics what is the need to apply them.

To help you better in making a choice there are many skin care experts that have their opinions of using certain natural products in our daily routine that shows wonders when applied on the skin. These products are organic and handmade without using any harmful preservatives. They are made with the natural extracts of things which we derive from nature. For example, one can buy the best organic body wash for normal skin, lotions with milk and honey extracts, etc from the organic stores.

It is good to pay the real price of beauty rather than spending an endless amount on chemicals. Whether it is face wash, lotions, or skin packs scrubs, always follow the rule that you follow for getting a healthy diet.

Choosing natural ingredients for beautifying the skin means enhancing the skin UV resistance and body’s immune system too. Apart from this there are many other amazing benefits of using them. There is a list of best natural ingredients that have their own function in soothing the skin-

  • Apple cider vinegar- It is the most easily available, inexpensive skin care product that kills bacteria from the skin healing the skin problems, and in addition provides antifungal properties. One can use its cleansers, etc for treating skin sores.
  • Sea salt- It has the power to balance, protect and restore the skin as it comes loaded with tons of minerals and nutrients. The facial masks, toners and scrubs made with sea salt acts as a revitalize for maintaining the skin moisture levels.
  • Honey- Filled with the properties of nutrients, enzymes, and skin boosting acids, the real honey has many antiseptic qualities that encourage skin healing, fighting allergies or body rashes, and also helps in reducing scars.
  • Coconut oil- From strengthening the underlying epidermal tissues, removing dead skin cells to full protection against sunburns, coconut oil is found mainly in all the organic handmade beauty products. One can buy organic body wash for normal skin with such natural extracts to revitalize the skin.

The other products enriched with avocado, sheer butter, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, etc all have their own qualities and act on the skin type accordingly. One may notice that when following a healthy lifestyle, taking proper sleep, etc makes a person feel fit, in the same manner certain skin supplements so added on the beauty shelf can also help improve the effectiveness of your beauty regime.