The diversity of Singaporean culture basically mirrors their food scene. The allegedly fascinating cultural fusion has been evident as cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian and a lot more satisfy the tastes of both locals and tourists in Singapore  as much as anything else.

Indonesian cuisines are one of Singaporeans’ favorites. In fact, you can find a lot of popular and excellent Indonesian fine dining restaurants in the country that are just perfect for a date with your loved ones. You will never go wrong with savory Indonesian meals on your dinner.  In case this sounds new to you, below are some of the best Indonesian food in Singapore for your next dinner date:

Indonesian Dishes

  • Fried Rice – It is not a surprise how Indonesian fried rice has taken the world by storm. People who have tried this dish consider it to be the most versatile fried rice dish there is in the world. While like other fried rice dishes, this is best mixed with chicken, veggies, beef, seafood, or whatever you can think of, the use of sweet, thick soy sauce called keycap and garnished with pickled cucumber, acar, and carrot is what differs it from a typical fried rice meal.
  • Indomie – This satisfying quick instant noodles snack is popular not just only in Indonesia but in Singapore as well. This recipe has been loved for its diverse flavor offerings. In fact, the flavor options are almost endless one will never left with more than enough choices. This is definitely a must try!
  • Beef Rendang – Originating from Padang, Sumatra, this spicy and savory dish has captured the hearts of Singaporean people. It is somehow the same with Beef Curry sans the broth. You can really tell that it is worth a try just from the time it takes to prepare and cook this dish just to achieve the desired beef’s tenderness.
  • Indonesian Satay – Satay is known as meat skewers that are cooked with the use of coals. Indonesian Satay is usually served with rice cakes with peanut sauce sprinkled all over the satay. This is one of Indonesia’s national and most celebrated dishes that even street vendors are selling it. This is highly addictive too!
  • Nasi Uduk – Alongside Satay, Nasi Uduk has also made it to Indonesia’s national dish list. The meal revolves around rice cooked in coconut milk. Nasi Uduk is Indonesia’s version of Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak except that Nasi Uduk is served with fried chicken, shredded omelet, tempe, fried onion, anchovies, and topped with emping and sambal.
  • Nasi Rawon – This beef stew kind of dish originates from East Java. It has this nutty flavor and a deep, black color because of keluak nut. This savory dish is best enjoyed with a bowl of rice. Don’t worry; this is hearty and at the same time yummy!
  • Siomay – All Indonesian street food-including Indonesian food in Singapore, almost has something to do with peanut sauce and this Siomay dish is not an exemption. This is Indonesia’s version of dim sum. Containing steamed fish dumpling, Siomay is usually served with steamed potato, cabbage, egg, and peanut sauce.
  • Sweet Martabak – Talking about Indonesia’s most popular desserts, this Indonesian Martabak is one of Singapore’s favorites. And do you know that Martabak is only sold in the evenings? Perfect for your next dinner, right? For your sweet Martabak dessert, you can choose mix fillings from chocolate, cheese, and peanuts, according to your preference.
  • Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup) – This Indonesian soup recipe is flavored with Oxtail as its main hero. Although there is London’s verison of Oxtail soup, Indonesia’s is said to be more popular as ever. This healthy and savory soup has been loved by a lot of people as the oxtail is usually fried or grilled with barbecue sauce combined with a soup base – really tasty!
  • Pempek – Being a Palembang specialty in South Sumatra, Indonesian dish is made of fish and tapioca and comes in various shapes and sizes. The most popular one is called kapal selam that contains an egg in the middle. Pempek is usually sprinkled with shrimp powder and served with a dark dipping sauce made from vinegar, chili, and sugar called cuka.