Wisdom tooth extraction is a clinical treatment that involves the removal of one or more wisdom teeth, which are the four permanent mature teeth positioned at the top and bottom corners of the mouth. A person probably needs to have wisdom teeth pulled if it doesn’t have enough opportunity to develop (impacted wisdom tooth), causing discomfort, infection, or other dental issues. Wisdom tooth removal can be performed by a dentist or an orthodontist.

Even though impacted teeth aren’t creating difficulties now, several dentists and oral surgeons advocate the extraction of the wisdom tooth to avoid future complications.

Wisdom teeth that are impacted may only erupt partially and often not.

For young folks, oral surgery has nearly become a rite of passage. However, contrary to conventional opinion — and what many family members and friends have suggested wisdom tooth removal singapore isn’t always necessary.

Wisdom teeth extraction includes removing the impacted teeth and repairing any neighboring damaged teeth. The dentist will prescribe wisdom teeth surgery based on the form of mouth and the condition of other teeth, and an x-ray to verify their position and growth. Wisdom teeth extraction is especially beneficial when molars are healthy in young adulthood, as jawbones become stronger and teeth become more difficult to remove.

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Why wisdom tooth removal?

Because the permanent teeth are already in place, the emergence of an extra set of molars may cause them to shift. This results in pain, biting issues, and overcrowding, making brushing and flossing difficult, leading to cavities or tooth decay. If patients wait too long to have treatment, they may need additional surgeries to straighten affected neighboring teeth.

Wisdom teeth, like all teeth, emerge from the jaws through the gums, although this isn’t always the case, particularly when there isn’t enough room around the other teeth. Some wisdom teeth become impacted in the jaw, causing other teeth to shift and the jawline to shift. This can make it difficult to open the mouth and create pain. If left untreated, cysts can grow along newly erupted molars, hollowing out jawbones and damaging the nerves of nearby, healthy teeth.

Oral health isn’t only about teeth; gums play a crucial role and might be harmed by impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth that sprout at an angle or horizontally from the other teeth might lead the gums to inflate and make it difficult to clean. These reddish regions along the gum line are sometimes tender to the touch, making it difficult to brush and floss properly, resulting in cavities and tooth decay.