Every medical process involves complex mechanism and lots of chemicals to be used. These are beneficial for detection process and the medical advancements have helped many people get the idea of the disorder they are suffering from and find a cure before it spreads inside the body. This also includes CT scan and MRI scan as well. Both of them are the most common detection processes right now and are done as prescribed by the doctors. But like every medical technology, there are always risks and side effects for which some precautions need to be taken by the patients who are going to go through this process.

Side Effects And Associated Risks Of The Process

CT scan involves a proper idea about the cranial condition of a person and it detects if they need any type of surgical procedure to get over such ailment. But there are lots of risk factors involved even if the person takes a high amount of precautions. These come as side effects to the patients and the concern create a potential risk for patients that are discussed with patients by experts at best pet ct scan centre in new delhi. There are many things involved in the process of CT scanning that can cause such condition, like the use of radiation and dye.

Allergic Reaction

There are dyes used on the patients to facilitate the process of CT scan and it also helps in easy detection from the images of X-ray. The different materials used as a dye for the process can be the cause of severe allergy. This may occur in very few patients, but it is still not possible to be totally avoided. Therefore such people who are allergic to this dye should keep away from CT scans as much as possible. One of the most common elements used is iodine and if a person is allergic to it, they should try drinking extra fluid to make the iodine get flushed out faster from the body of the person.

Exposure To Constant Radiation

While performing CT scan the patient needs to stay under constant exposure to the radiation that can help in getting the image. This type of radiation may not cause as much effect as accidental radiation exposure, but may still create problems like headaches. The pregnant mothers should make sure that they consult with doctors before going through the process as it can affect the babies more. Radiation therapy involves MRI scanning process as well.

Along with these two adversities, there are also continuous effects of discomfort. This is due to the involvement of radiation and the burning sensation of the dye. That is why many patients try o find some other solution measures to detect their health issues. The process is performed by experts at pet ct scan centres in new delhi helping the people stay comfortable.


These problems are to be taken care of by the radiology experts so that people can stay in their comfort zone when they go through the process. This can let the patients stay immobile during the CT scan.