Tandoori recipes have gained its name due to their preparation in a special pot-shaped clay oven, termed as “tandoor”. Tandoor cooking yields smoky and rustic aroma to the food. This unique smokiness comes from the charcoal that is utilized in the tandoor. Some of the very famous tandoori recipes are as follows:

Tandoori Roti: You can prepare tandoori roti on the stove top and without utilizing tandoor method or oven. Conventionally, tandoori rotis are prepared in a tandoor. However, without using a tandoor, you can also make absolutely great tandoori rotis for the sake of stove top.

These tandoori rotis make a perfect combination with rich curry preparations, such as bhindi masala, kadai mushroom, rajma, dal makhani, dum aloo, methi matar malai, punjabi chole masala, paneer butter masala, kadai paneer, shahi paneer, palak paneer, paneer lababdar, veg kofta, matar paneer, and paneer pasanda preparation.

Achari Paneer Tikka: It is another popular variation of well-known paneer tikka recipe. If you love to taste pickle and want to relish the sourness of mango or lemon, then you will simply love this recipe. Some other similar paneer preparations are achari paneer, paneer khurchan, Tawa paneer masala, Amritsari paneer tikka, etc.

Aloo Kulcha: This recipe is about soft leavened and crisp breads that are stuffed with a mouthwatering and spiced potato filling. Kulcha is a very famous preparation that includes a large number of variations like plain kulcha, matar kulcha, and paneer kulcha. Kulcha can be served with curd and mango pickle. Alternatively, you can serve it with kadai chole, Dal Bukhara, paneer chole masala, peshawari chole or dal makhani.

Mushroom Tikka: It is a very simple recipe, just marination and grilling or baking is required. The same marination might also be utilized with vegetables like aubergines, potatoes, broccoli or cauliflower.

Naan Preparation with Yeast: It is a popular naan preparation and these are fully puffed as well as soft and light texture from inside and a little bit crisp from outside.

Aloo Tikka: It is spiced and marinated potatoes that are either pan-fried or grilled. You can learn the pan-frying and oven grilling both of the procedures for preparing the potatoes. This also tikka preparation utilizes curd for its marination. A vegan version of this recipe utilizes cashew curd.

Hara Bhara Kabab: If you are a kabab lover, then you can try this recipe. This kabab is prepared from spinach, potatoes, and peas. They are delicious as well as nutritious. You can serve it as a starter or as a brunch. Hara Bhara Kabab is not a heavy dish.

Gobi Tikka and Paneer Tikka are also two popular Tandoori preparations. There are very few people, who don’t like to have tandoori preparations like tandoori roti and others, so they are an integral part of nearly every celebration. If you want to make Tandoori recipes, then you need to follow their recipes from popular food websites. Now, just learn the cooking procedures, make the wonderful Tandoori recipes and give a delicious and finger-licking treat to your family.