If you want to maintain a good health it is very important that you maintain a proper balanced diet. A balanced diet provides you with the essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients which help you to maintain a healthy and strong body and mind. A healthy diet reduces a number of health complications and also helps in maintaining a proper body weight. It also allows you to have a good sleep which helps you to remain energetic throughout the day.

There are a number of health benefits of a balanced diet and you can go through the discussion below to understand it better:

  • A well balanced diet provides you with food which has a rich nutrient content and less calorie intake. As a result a proper diet helps you to maintain a good body weight. If you eat food like wholegrain, vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains then you will be able to maintain a healthy body and will also be able to maintain the right weight.
  • There are essential nutrients present in a balanced diet and these nutrients help in maintaining germ fighting cells which help in providing you with a better immune system. If there is lack of certain essential nutrients in your body then there are chances that your immune system will not be properly developed with might lead to a number of diseases. Balanced diet also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The fatty acids present in a well-balanced diet prevent your body from overreacting to infections.

Most doctors like Dr. Pankaj Naram are very much aware of a proper balanced diet. When this reputed doctor meets patients the first thing that he does is change his diet plan and help in providing you with a well-balanced diet. He believes that most of the ailments can be cured by following a well maintained diet plan. A balanced diet is very effective when a particular patient is trying to recover from his illness. It is important that you incorporate both vegetables and fruits in your diet. Intake of certain vegetables and fruits like broccoli, beans, and pomegranates helps in providing you with a lot of essential nutrients in your diet.

There are certain other fruits that Dr. Pankaj Naram wants you to take in limited portions and some of them are lemons, grapefruits and acidic citrus. There are people who suffer from digestive upsets if they consume wheat. So for such people he recommends oats, corn and rice as an alternative to wheat. He says that certain minor swaps and diet changes can actually bring in a lot of benefits. In order to maintain a healthy living it is crucial to have a good diet. Another important thing that Dr.Naram says is to maintain a clean diet as well. Once you start taking clean and balanced diet you will be able to understand the health benefits that a good diet has. Dr. Naram is very much recognized and has received a number of awards. As a result of this he is referred to as the Master healer.