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Before consuming or buying the cheap e liquid, one must be aware of something related to it. Some of them includes the following as,

  • They must be consumed by people who are under the legal smoking age
  • It should be kept away from pets and children
  • If it gets swallowed by the person, it can present the choking hazard
  • It consist of the nicotine levels which is addictive and can be even toxic, if gets inhaled or ingested by the person.
  • It can give rise to irritation when it comes into contact with the skin or eyes. On such contact, you must wash it immediately with water and soap
  • It must not be used by pregnant ladies or breastfeeding females
  • People who are prone to diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease must avoid it
  • One must consult the doctor if they get some problems as vomiting, nausea, weakness


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