Before you empty the jar of spice that is been there in your kitchen cabinet for the longest time and you don’t remember since when it’s better to consider these tips shared by spices exporters India. Spices that have lost their essential oil or are useless for cooking may still have some use around your home and garden. Don’t believe us? You will surely after reading them out loud.

Spices don’t spoil in a way that they will make you ill, but you may not enjoy their flavor. However, if you have left any spice jar open and especially in monsoon season, it may develop worms and make spice useless for cooking. Distinct spice sellers provide distinct expiry date. However, the simplest way to recognize if the spices on your shelf are still smart is by color and smell. If either has light, it should not be worth cooking.  But you can evaluate the goodness of spice by its color and aroma. If the color looks faded or if you don’t get aroma out of the spice, it may not be used for cooking food.

Things you can do with expired spices-

Brewed potpourri

Even if a spice does not smell like before, heating it can help in releasing the remaining volatile oils. Boil a pot of water and add the leftover spices you want your home to smell like – cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, or cloves. You can even add some orange or lemon peels to it.

Spicy soap

You can make exfoliating soap at home using your expired spices. By adding the granular texture of ground cloves and pepper to the soap mixture, you can enjoy the spicy bath at home.

Prevent ants

Chili and cayenne are best spicy peppers that keep critters away from bulbs. You can also sprinkle some black pepper where you find the ants as they are repelled by the smell. However, older spices are less potent and thus, you need to use them lavishly.

Use spices as fungicide

Since cinnamon is the spice having properties like fight fungus and keep plants healthy. You can prepare cinnamon spray by mixing cinnamon in warm water and use them on home plants and seedlings.


There are spices that have deodorizing effects. Clove, thyme, oregano, and sage are powerful spices that you can put to work in any musty parts of your house by preparing spicy sachets. You can even put them in smelly shoes to remove the odor.

Deater animals

Spicy peppers like cayenne or chilli are smart for keeping critters off from bulbs, simply sprinkle the spice on the bulb itself or the dirt around it. Black pepper can even be wont to fight ants, that are repelled by the smell. Keep in mind that older spices are also less potent, and you’ll wish to pepper plants lavishly.

Nontoxic fungicide

Cinnamon is an organic to fight fungus, notably on seedlings and houseplants. It’s straightforward to use as the spray, simply combine the cinnamon with heat water.

Interesting, isn’t? Why don’t you try any of these tricks and let the spices exporters India know about the experience!