The CNS or more commonly known as the central nervous system is one of the most important organellar system present in the human body. They are mainly responsible for all sort of coordinative activities present in the body. It is one of the most complex organellar system present in the human body. Then expands from the head to the abdominal region. The head contains the brain the main coordinative system present in the body and the along with the head it the spinal cord that takes all the information and distributes to the different regions of the body. The spinal cord is the main part of the human body that gives a human being a particular stature as well as a particular balance so that they can stay in a proper way. It is constitutive of a hollow channel made of the hard bony structure. Inside that hollow space nerve fiber runs throughout. These nerve fibers are present in tuft like the arrangement and hence they are very much important for the cause that they carry information that is regulated in the brain and provides the body with all those information’s so that the body becomes alert of the each and every situation they are going to face.


The spinal cord is very much connected to the brain structure. The neck region poses the connection between the spinal cord and the brain. It is also very much prone to injury. The strong bone structure is present just to protect those tuft of nerve fibers so that they can do their job with a lot of precision. However, they must be protected as a slight of shock can damage those structure and these structure s are very much vulnerable to the damage as a slight problem to them can make the body seriously compromised. Thus the skeletal system plays a remarkable role here. Along with that the bony appearance and confirmation will be very much feasible for maintaining the body balance of a human being. The human being a mobile organism. They are not static. They move, run, sleep, sit and do a variety of activities in their lifetime. At each and every case these spinal cord adjusts themselves in such a way that they are very much helpful for the human body to do a lot of activities. However, slip disc is a very common problem seen these days. In this case, one or more than one socket of spinal cord gets dispositioned. And it is very much tricky to treat this kind of problem.


Orthopedics or the Osteo-surgeons are the doctors that treat and cure the bone problem of the human body. The best spine surgeons in India are very much potent as they cured and treated a number of complex cases in regard to bone and thus has given a lot of hope for the patients.

Hospitals and specialization

There are many hospitals in many cities in India that specializes in this kind of facilities and treatment. Cost of these varies from low to high and also according to the problem that needs to get cured.

Fit and flexible

People should keep their body fit as long as possible as when aging will set in they will be very much vulnerable if they don’t keep that much fitness in them.