After finding out that you have actually been undergoing emotional abuse, it may be a little confusing especially when you do not know what to do now that you know. It may be easy to decide to give up on the relationship but some relationships can be salvaged after carrying out the test. It is important for your partner to understand why you are taking certain steps. Sometimes your partner may not realize that he has been emotionally abusing you. After taking the emotional abuse quiz, it may be important decisions.

Discuss the test results with your partner

It is important for your partner to know why you took the test and the results. If he responds positively, you may both seek help to find out why the abuse has been taking place and what help is available for the both of you to resume a normal healthy relationship.

emotional abuse quiz

Discuss treatment options available for both of you

Both of you need to seek help especially when the abuse has been going on for a long time. It is possible that you both feel cheated and are suffering from the impact of the abuse. Seeking treatment for both of you is very important. You both need to undergo therapy and if the abuse has been going on for a long time, you need counselling to help overcome the resentment that may have built up over time.

Psychological assessment

It is very important for you to undergo psychological assessment especially if the abuse has been going on for a long time. You may need more than just counselling if you are to resume your normal life.  Life under abuse, especially emotional abuse can have long term effects that if not checked can be tragic. It is important to seek medical help to determine your psychological and emotional state so that the right treatment can be administered.

Maintain positive thoughts

It is very important for you to think positively now that you are doing something about the abuse. It is even more important if your partner is willing to change and receive treatment together with you. If you can see the positive that has come from you taking the emotional abuse quiz which is usually a very difficult step to take, then you are on the road to recovery.

However, if your partner is not willing to be part of the change, then it might be best for you to seek help on how to proceed on your own. You need your self-esteem restored so that you can be ready to live a life away from your partner just in case he decides he is not ready to face the problems in your relationship.