Got problem with your teeth? Or perhaps, you can’t smile fully because you’re afraid that your teeth can ruin your pretty smile? Maybe, you’re aware of your current teeth condition but you don’t want those ugly metal brackets and braces? Fret not! Invisalign treatment is the solution for your teeth problem.

Invisalign Treatment: What Is It?

Invisalign treatment or most commonly known as clear-aligners/clear aligners are orthodontic device or equipment that are usually a transparent plastic form of braces to adjust your teeth accordingly. If the patient doesn’t like metal brackets or braces for his or her teeth due to discomfort, he or she may request for Invisalign treatment as an alternative process for metal braces. As of 2017, because patients tend to like Invisalign compared to metal braces, there are more than 27 products of this orthodontic device available on the market today. Simply visit any invisalign clinic singapore to check the current condition of your teeth.

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How does Invisalign Treatment work to Straighten Your Teeth?

Many patient wan to straighten their teeth but afraid to use metal braces and bracket due to the discomfort that were linked with the traditional orthodontic method. If you’re afraid of metal braces, this treatment would be the best option for you.

Invisalign device is invisible teeth aligners which include no metal and mostly custom made to fit for your teeth. They work in a sequence of trays that shift your teeth into place gradually and pain-free. Each Invisalign tray is carefully created so that your teeth will be straighter compared to the previous tray. Your teeth will usually move up to 2.5mm, and every two weeks, you will receive a new set of trays that will help to slowly move your teeth towards its ideal alignment.

Installation of this orthodontic device is easy and pain-free, simply wear the trays and you’re good to go. No pain an unnecessary metal brackets or braces are needed. Invisalign aligners are the invisible and transparent device that is barely noticeable by the naked eye which makes them flawless for both adult and teens who want to straighten up their teeth hassle-free.

Expectation during Invisalign Treatment Process

First, visit any invisalign clinic singapore  to give you an assessment if Invisalign treatment will be the best option for your teeth. But remember, not all dentists or orthodontists are knowledgeable and have professional training with Invisalign. Dentist or orthodontist should attend specialized training or seminars about this procedure, so it’s important to check if your chosen clinic has this kind of training with their dentist.

After the consultation, your dentist will execute a digital scan to make a customized Invisalign treatment plan for using an accurate 3D images of your teeth to find out their current movements during the process of your treatment.

These 3D images were used to make you a custom-made aligner that will surely fit for your teeth only. These invisible aligners are BPA-free plastic and have hypoallergenic features which are usually non-irritating and comfortable to wear any time. Every two weeks, patients are required to have a change of a new set of aligners until their teeth are shifted to its ideal position which can result from an alluring smile of yours.

Invisible aligners help your teeth to straighten them up with the aid of patented thermoplastic design. Invisalign will not only control the force in order to straighten your teeth, but it can also manage the time of the force applied to your teeth.