Are your Stairs an Uphill Struggle?

If you have sustained an injury or recently had an operation you will have already come to the conclusion that getting up and down the stairs is a lot more challenging than it was previously. If you live alone, or you’re alone most days while family members are at work then you should consider stairlift hire.

Stairs Post Surgery

Stairlift hire is perfect for those who need support with the stairs, just for a short period of time. If you have had a knee replacement, hip replacement, broken your leg, or undergone any other type of serious surgery then you will be advised not to tackle the stairs initially. Or, if you have suffered a bad fall you might find yourself physically unable to tolerate the pain of walking up and down the stairs, or totally unable to challenge them at all.

Best Hire Stairlift

How to Find the Best Hire Stairlift

Generally, you will pay a one off installation price and the first month’s rental fee. After this, you will pay a rental fee monthly until you no longer require it. When you ask for it to be removed, it should be removed for no additional fee.

A good stairlift hire company should offer: a full free survey, a full free assessment, full warranty for the entire hire period and free removal at the end of the period.

It is usually only considered financially viable to hire a stairlift if you will be needing it for at least three months. Stairlift hire will enable you to keep/regain your independence and make your life a lot more comfortable while you are recovering. Using a stairlift can aid recovery time rather than delay your recovery time, stairlifts enable you to recover at a pace you are comfortable with rather than over-exerting your muscles.