A lot of people think that tea is a typical drink. What many of them fail to realize is how awesome this beverage is when it comes to health advantages.

Maybe you like soda since you can easily grab it, and it stops your craving for sweet food. Or perhaps coffee is your favorite drink, and you need to improve your mood. Tea also gives all of these benefits. It can increase your attentiveness and lessen craving for food, all while making sure that your body is healthy.

To aid you in enjoying drinking tea, here are simple list of tea tricks you can try to pamper your taste buds.

Try makingtea mocktails – mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks comprised of a combination of fruit juices. Turn your typical fruit tea drink into a tasty and refreshing one by including tea to a mocktail recipe.Beat the heat of a sunny day by creating a ginger tea punch. As for the ingredients, you just need slices of peaches, sparkling water, ginger and ginger syrup, as well as chilled chai black tea. Combine all of the ingredients, chill for a couple of hours, and you have a mocktail that will definitely curb your craving for unhealthy food.


Add slightly processed sweetener–adding a spoonful of sugar will defeat the purpose of regularly drinking tea. So if you want to drink it as you satisfy your craving for sweets, you may want to add natural sweetening products. Your options are raw honey or stevia leaves.

Add flavor to it– add ingredients that will not improve not only your tea, but also your health. You can add ginger to make it extra tangy and help improve your digestive system. Adding mint is ideal when you have cold or cough, since it will make it feel cool as it passes down through your throat. Squeezing a slice of lemon on it will freshen up the flavor and even help you get extra citrus spikes. Last but not the least, you can include milk to make the fruit tea creamier as well as more enjoyable to drink.

Choose whole leaf tea – teas that arecreated from whole leaves contain more amino acids, making it sweeter and enjoyable to drink.

Add chocolates  – you’ve heard it right. You can include dark chocolate on your beverage to make it more tasteful. It wills surely give your taste buds an extra treat by placing dark chocolate in a cup of hot tea.

Know how to correctly prepare the tea – sometimes how the teais prepared can affect its taste. It will be ideal if you know where yourdealeris getting the teas that you are purchasing so that you are a hundred percent sure its of great quality. In addition, be sure to read the instructions on the label or research about it on how you should make the tea. To best enjoy its flavor, use purified or filtered water, and follow thesuggested steep time. You also need to be sure that the temperature is right when you brew it.

Try cold or iced brewed tea– you can cold brew your preferred flavored tea by placing tea leaves in one container with purified water. Have a sealed, glass container so as not to alter the tea’s taste. Place it insidethe fridgefor about 7-10 hours, prior to removing the leaves on the container. Once you are done, enjoy drinking anice cold brewed tea while still getting the health benefits it has.

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