Test tube baby is another name for IVF method, where sperm and eggs are gathered, prepared in the research facility and the subsequent sound incipient organism is then moved into the uterus.

For whom it is done?

On the off chance that the female has both fallopian tube blocked or missing, on the off chance that she is experiencing extreme endometriosis or the male accomplice has low sperm tally, unexplained fruitlessness or some other reason by which the treatment which happens in external piece of the fallopian tubes does not occur.

Which are the most favoured destinations?

 USA, UK and many European countries traditionally are well reputed for IVF treatments. However, recently countries like India, Spain and Turkey are the most desired ones. The rationale behind this is – One can find very affordable treatment with world class facilities here. Delhi, Istanbul and Madrid are the famous cities in each of these countries for IVF treatment. IVF treatment in Delhi has seen a huge surge in demand.

What is done?

Firstly some fruitfulness medications are endorsed to female accomplice to build the generation of eggs. At the point when eggs are created, it is taken out from her ovaries with the assistance of fine needle under the direction of sonography and kept in a dish with a domain copying within the tube. At that point, the best quality sperms (given by male accomplice) are consolidated with the eggs (we can keep the prepared egg till day 5 up to Blastocyst exchange) and set in a machine called hatchery.

For to what extent the couple needs to remain for the treatment?

It will take around 10 days for the procedure, no need doctor’s facility remain as there is no operation and can remain in the city in any inn close-by the center.

How continuous are the visits?

The test tube baby treatment begins for the most part from 21st day of the cycle (first visit). Specialist either gives you one bundle of subcutaneous infusions for 15 to 20 days or he may give you one station infusion and call you following 15 days. Following 15/20 days (second visit) one sonography and few blood tests are done to see the status of the uterus covering and ovaries. Specialist begins second gathering of infusion called Gonadotropins which proceeds for 10-12 days.

In second convention(Flare): Physician recommends one Oral prophylactic for 21 days, going before the real treatment cycle. He/She begins the Gonadotrophin infusions from second day of menstrual cycle. Generally, it goes for 10-12 days.

Following 7/8 days, sonography and blood tests( if required) begins for assessment for the development of the egg containing follicles. At the point when the eggs are developed, hCG is infused and following 36-38 hours, eggs are recovered. Recovery of eggs is performed under anesthesia( subsequently no torment) and it takes regularly 5-10 minutes, consequently, the female accomplice must be void stomach overnight.

Semen test is taken from the male accomplice and sperms are readied. Couple is permitted to go normally following 2-3 hours. Following 3-5 days, the couple is approached to report for incipient organism exchange which is an easy technique. The female accomplice needs to take rest for 2-3 hours and furthermore exhorted not to do substantial labor for few days.

Also, female is given either infusions or vaginal cases for progesterone beginning from the day of egg recovery and till the pregnancy test is done, which has been performed 12-14 days after developing life exchange through the blood test or pee test for beta hCG.

Odds of getting pregnant at Fertility Center

At present, India have 65% pregnancy rate for 21-30 yrs age, 42.5% for 31-35 yrs age and 22.1% for 36-38 yrs age for each incipient organism exchange. General bring home baby rate is around 38.3% for every incipient organism exchange.