Thai food is all the rage these days, and this is because of the immensely growing popular Thai cuisine in almost every place on earth. If you may notice, there is a Thai diner in just about every corner of the street, and this makes it a great opportunity for you to try out the country’s cuisine right away.

But before actually trying the cuisine, you should be warned that Thai food can be very flavourful, perhaps too much that you may be surprised by its tastes. Hence, if you haven’t tried Thai food in Singapore yet, then here are the dishes you might want to check out first:

  1. Tom Yum Goong

Tom yum goong is a delicious soup that showcases a sweet and spicy taste. It can easily fill up the senses, as its flavours are totally bursting at first sip. This soup dish makes good use of lemon, lemongrass, galangal, and many other herbs, but rather than use chicken, this soup uses shrimp and other seafood.

What makes tom yum goong a great starting point to enjoy Thai food is that you are immediately introduced to herbs and spices used by local cooks in just about every dish. So if you are into learning how the Thais cook their food, then to be acquainted with their ingredients is the best starting point.

If you are ready for a strong burst of flavours, then you may want to start with the mild version of the dish instead.

  1. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is loosely translated as stir-fried noodles, and the dish (in its many variants) are served just about anywhere-from street stalls to eateries to high-end restaurants. This stir-fried noodle dish is often infused with peanuts, as well as meats like seafood or chicken, and mung bean sprouts. You may also have it served with tofu, depending on your preference.

Pad Thai is both sweet and savoury, but it can also be added with a little bit of chilli for a kick.

  1. Som Tam.

Meanwhile, if you want a dish that provides all tastes-sweet, sour, hot, salty, and savoury, then you may as well try the Som Tam. This green papaya salad is the perfect appetizer for any Thai complete course meal, as it prepares the taste buds for a great dining experience.


Som Tam, like Pad Thai, is served in almost every Thai restaurant, eatery, and street stall. What makes it a great dish is that it is prepared and served fresh, and it tastes totally scrumptious. Some cooks likewise infuse it with other flavours, such fish sauce or salted egg.

  1. Gai Med Ma Moung

If you are a big fan of spicy food and chicken, then you should definitely try Gai Med Ma Moung, which translates to chicken cashew nuts. It is a very spicy dish, but it hot flavour can be tamed a bit. It is a stir-fried chicken dish with either ground or chopped cashew nuts, along with an array of vegetables. This dish is often matched with plain steamed rice to complement its strong flavour.

  1. Spring rolls.

Lastly, if you are just after a snack or an appetizer, then you should try the crispy fried spring rolls. These spring rolls are stuffed with different types of vegetables, usually mung bean sprouts or chayote. The spring rolls are served hot and are dipped in hot and sweet-sour sauce.

Some local eaters like to pair spring rolls with rice, while others like to munch them plain. And yes, the rolls can be very addicting especially when you’re the vegetarian kind.

So, are you ready to try these dishes? Perhaps it would be best to check these hit Thai food in Singapore today.