Maida flour is essential for making any sweets and cookies. Delicious cakes are incomplete without this maida flour. This maida is other called as all-purpose flour, which is the starch part of the whole grain. The combination of Maida and butter would get you many varieties of a tasty sweet recipe. Some of the ever green Maida recipes are listed below.

Kala Jamun

Kala Jamun is a special form of Maida, which is made from khoya and paneer.  It is a delicious dish that is widely consumed in North India. It looks nice and beautiful as the rounded recipe will be your all- time favorite. Once you have tasted it, you will never ignore this delicious recipe. Dry fruits and cashew nuts can be stuffed inside the Kala Jamun for an exotic taste.

Maida Halwa

Maida halwa is one of the most popular Maida sweets in India. Everyone loves the delicious taste of this sweet. The great combination of cashew nuts, ghee and thick form of Maida makes it a mouth-watering sweet. This sweet is mostly available in all the sweet shops. But, you can try it out on your own and enjoy the flavour.


Badusha is a popular Diwali sweet recipe from the south India. Badusha comes in different shapes and flavors. The sugar syrup in the sweet makes it more delicious. It forms a crispy layer due to the crystallized sugar. If you want a spicy version of a babushka, then you can check out on Kara Belushi recipe.


Nankatta is a type of butter biscuit made from maida. It is a quick and tasty recipe, and anyone can try this one out. This butter comes in the variety of shapes such as round, oval, and rectangle.


PooranPoli is one of the most delicious dishes from Maharashtra. This pooranpoli is a quick and delicious evening snack. It is better served with pickles and hot chillies. The eggless version of the pooranpoli is made in south India especially Kerala, Andhra, and TamilNadu. Pooranpoli is otherwise called as Puranpoli, Boli, Bobatlu, Obbattu, and PuranPuri.

Kaja Recipe

Kaja Recipe is otherwise known as MadathaKaja, Khaja recipe, and tapeswaramkaja. This is a famous Kaja recipe from Andhra Pradesh. It is crispy and layered sweet that add more taste to the dish. This sweet is made for some special occasions such as Diwali, Pongal, and so on. No matter what shape it is, the taste and tradition never change.


Naan is the all-time favourite for the North Indians. It is tasty bread made from maida flour. Naan is much like paratha except the taste. Making naan recipe is the bit time consuming, but the taste is amazing. This Naan is made for some North Indian festivals such as Deepawali, Rakshabandhan, etc. The flavor of butter and tasty spices in this recipe invites all the spice lovers. It can be accompanied with fresh veg. and non-veg. gravy.

These delicious dishes are must-try recipes for you. If you want to try out any of the recipe especially kaja recipes, then you can browse for Kaja recipe in Hindi to get more details.