The field of gynecology has evolved considerably in the last few years with a diversity of trained doctors on the rise. In the past obstetrics & gynecology clinics, Mumbai saw only a small percentage of women. What started as a male-dominated profession has witnessed a paradigm shift with more women take up to this stream. In terms of figures it has risen to as high as 90 % and in the future, it may show a complete reversal from what expected from women and men in this field. Numerous reasons could be attributed to this, as when you choose a female gynecologist.You can expect utmost love and care. So what are the benefits of choosing a female gynecologist?

Let us understand the reasons below,


More and more women feel comfortable in sharing their health concerns with another woman, rather than a man. At times, proper care is dependent on sharing information with a doctor and it becomes easy for a woman to share their problems with another lady. For example, some women feel uncomfortable with talking issues such as painful intercourse with a man, vaginal discharge or risk of sexually transmitted disease. For this reason, the female gynecologist has a huge advantage in talking to female patients in comparison to their male counterparts.


Female gynecologists are bound to have a head over heel than their male coworkers and are likely to empathize with a problem they might have had in the past. This is in complete contrast to a man who does not have the same body type and will not be able to understand, regardless of their knowledge or training from a book. A woman shares the same reproductive organs, so the understanding and sympathy will be there. When you are in the same boat with another person who will feel more comfortable and share your personal information. This will work out as an effective remedial measure for further treatment action. When there are understanding and comfort between a doctor and a patient, they are more likely to open up and this leads to a meaningful dialogue which otherwise may seem an impossible proposition. As one of the best female gynecologist in Mumbai explaining to the patient the physical and emotional side of treatment is a source of comfort for the patients.

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Other statistics

There are other interesting statistics, which reveals that females enjoy a distinctive advantage in providing timely solutions to a host of problems. Research also points to the fact that women tend to have a more supportive attitude than men. The men also tend to rate the quality of their treatment higher than the patients. Well, all this works for a female gynecologist, the surprising aspect is that their pay scale is lower than their male counterparts.

To conclude, there are many advantages of choosing a female gynecologist over a male one. Women need comfort and a sense of understanding when they present their personal problems. They should feel that there is a free sense of judgment  and empathy and sympathy should flow in naturally. As a woman, if you are aware of the emotional and physical course of treatment, it will go a long way in contributing to your recovery. So they deserve the best from a licensed gynecologist and what better than a female one in this regard.