Now, many advanced treatments or therapies have come that can correct different stubborn and annoying skin issues like acne, pimples, scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, stretch marks, dark spots, pore size and other related ones. Out of all available options, Microneedling treatment has been found to be the most useful and safe solution.

The process is also termed as dermarolling. Post acne scarring can be reduced easily with this procedure for improving skin appeal and texture. It is not only a skin healing procedure but it rejuvenates your skin as well. Finest needles are being used here for correcting different skin effects. Some people also know this process in the name of Collagen Induction Therapy.

This is because it leads to the stimulation of collagen synthesis for making your skin scar free, firm and wrinkle-free.  Needles are inserted at deeper dermal layers for treating the issues from the roots.

Is the process better than skin peels?

Before knowing whether Microneedling treatment is better than skin peels or not it is very much necessary to know about the aims of these processes individually. Though both the processes aim at controlling damaged skin but dermarolling involves medicated needles while chemical peels involve acid application. If the acid is not carefully used in chemical peels then the skin might get damaged instead of getting improved. This is why dermarolling is considered as the safest skin damage controlling option in the present era.

Patients with chemical peels always require a longer recovery period but the recovery period for dermarolling is comparatively shorter. More, chances of post-treatment complications are much higher in case of chemical peels. This is the reason that these peels are treated as a risky option for beautification. For removing premature ageing or acne scarring signs dermarolling is the most suitable option over chemical peels. Chemical peels mostly work best for cases like blackheads or open pores, congestion, clogging, uneven tone, pigmentation and fine lines.

If you have got sensitive skin texture then it is always better to go for a dermarolling procedure for being at the safest end. Your aesthetic specialist would evaluate your skin in order to determine the type and then in accordance with the type will decide whether chemical peels are suitable for you or not. If you have any specific health or skin histories then skin peels cannot be chosen. On the other hand, dermarolling method is much more cost-effective than that of chemical peels. If you have a limited budget for aesthetic therapy then you should definitely choose dermarolling.

Microneedling treatment has been approved by the FDA and it can give you an exceptional result. The toxic level of your skin will get reduced as a result of which skin health will get improved day by day. Slight bleeding or facial redness might be experienced after the completion of this treatment but these signs will disappear soon.