Breast reduction surgery is the right choice for women who have overly large breasts and wish they were smaller and less heavy. Breast reduction can prevent other problems such as back aches, the bra straps biting into your shoulders, posture problems and skin irritation. Breast reduction is completely safe and after the surgery, you can participate in all types of outdoor sports, bike riding, cycling, hiking etc. Due to the advent of modern science, processes involved in breast reduction surgery have improved a lot. With so many reputed breast reduction surgeons available in places like Los Angeles, it is quite possible for you to visit the surgeon’s clinic at any time and undergo the best surgical procedure.

How Does Breast Reduction Work

If you have overly large breasts and facing some unwanted health problems due to the size of your breasts, you can go for a breast reduction surgery. Before you go for a surgery, you have to choose the best breast reduction surgeon in Los Angeles. It is important to discuss with your surgeon about how the breast reduction procedure will be customized for you. The surgeon will also tell you about the potential risks, and how long you will need for complete recovery.

Best Breast Reduction Surgeon in Los Angeles

With top level breast reduction surgeon in Los Angeles, the chances of complexities are rare. The best breast reduction surgeon will take time to educate the patients about the benefits of the surgery and they should make sure that there are no unanswered questions lingering in the mind of patients when the surgery is performed. Also, you need to inform the breast reduction surgeon about all of your medical history and what medicines you are taking, if any. The surgeons will also take a before and after photos of your breasts to keep a record of your case.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction surgery is a customized process, in which the surgeons need to make all plans ahead of time depending on the patient’s condition. For example, if the patient has no health problems like back ache, loose and flabby skin – the extra fat of the patient’s breasts can be removed by using liposuction. Liposuction requires a small incision, which actually reduces the surgical risk and scar size. On the other hand, if you want to remove the excess skin as well as excess fat of the breasts, the breast reduction surgeon may use additional surgical instruments rather than using liposuction. Once the excess fat tissue is removed, the surgeon will also remove the extra skin along the border of the breast as well as under the nipple to put the same into a higher position.

The best breast reduction surgeon in Los Angeles will always guide you to choose the right procedure that is necessary for your breasts.  In most cases, the breast doctor will suggest a breast lift with a breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty. The breast lift is important as it re-positions the breast so that it’s higher and more appropriate for its smaller size.