For anyone wishing to get really lean and cut out on the fat and get into shape, there are a number of steroids that can be used effectively for that, such as primobolan, winstrol, anavar, trenbolone, testosterone propionate and also masteron.

The most prominent safe steroids for women used for leaning out is most probably winstrol, purely because it has been very popular for years and rumored as being the best steroid for anyone wishing to lean out. This leaves no doubt that almost everyone with a strong urge to lean out has heard if does not know winstrol. It is a perfect choice for leaning out because of its ability to really harden up the muscle mass of its users, thus making the muscles appear hardened and rounded.


Anavar is number two on these list of the best steroids probably is the known steroid after the well known winstrol. Anavar is popular with very many body builders and professional weight lifts. The reason for its popularity is its amazing ability of increasing the strength at the same time aiding a person to burn hi/her body fat. In fact a study carried out among its users from a sample of male users suggested that between 10 to 20 milligrams of a dosage of anavar per day do increase the fat burning process by around 80%. It may not be magical but could be really beneficial.

Trenbolone is another proven steroid that makes up the list of best steroids, and being such a distinct and unique steroid it well deserves lot of respect. In fact out of most steroids in the substance market, trenbolone basically the most effective, but also comes with a dosage of side effects right after the steroid anadol. Trenbolone literally makes one some how shed all of the body fat more than any other steroid while at the same time aiding one in the packing up on ones muscles. Therefore the question is why it comes a distant fifth.\

This is due to its limited use of around six weeks, a period that makes it quite unrealistic for anyone considering a long term use of 16 weeks in a steroid cycle. Also the cardio shape of the user is definitely hindered by trenbolone, making any cardiovascular activity to be diminished greatly as much as it is crucial during a single steroid cycle.

Primobolan is basically one of the best safe steroids for women wishing to cut up, and out of a list of the best steroids it ranks number one. It helps a sure to have a low calorie diet as he/she continues to increase the muscle mass. In fact a diet with primobolan, with anavar and winstrol yields a fat loss averaging fifteen to twenty percent and also a gain in muscles of around ten to fifteen lbs. This has made it the best stack of steroid anyone can desire for.

In addition human growth hormone can be used with primobolan to cut up. Initially the hormone was derived from dead human bodies in its earlier version. This has now changed and all of the safe steroids for womenhuman growth hormone is basically synthetic.