Synthetic urine kit also known as fake pee samples, helps the employee or individual pass the drug test. This is available both online and in stores. They are designed with an elastic belt, so they can be hidden during the check before collecting the urine sample.

Synthetic urine is composed of chemicals, including yellow coloring, creatinine, and uric acid, and has a distinct smell. The fake sample is designed to be an identical urine sample, so you can submit the synthetic sample instead of your original sample to pass your drug test. The best synthetic urine kits are available on the market; the top 5 synthetic urine kits are discussed below.

  • Incognito belt
  • Quick luck
  • Sub solution
  • Test clear urinator
  • Test clear urine simulation

Incognito belt

The incognito belt is a gravity-operated device that delivers the best-ever undetectable synthetic urine that is free of toxins and effective. The cost of this synthetic urine is about $125, as it is pre-mixed, has a perfect PH balance, and has all other chemical components required to pass the drug test.

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Quick luck

This is a premium-quality fake urine sample that will help you pass the drug test without any trouble. This brand has increased demand in the market as it is a favorite among thousands of users. This brand has 100% effectiveness after a year of lab research, and it is undetectable for all sexes.

Sub solution

Sub-solution Synthetic urine kit is the highest-quality and most reliable products for passing a drug test. This synthetic urine appears feels, appears, and smells exactly like real urine. No one can identify the sample as fake by looking into their naked eye. Where some synthetic urine is the naked eye, they are made with different chemical components of urea and uric acid to duplicate the human urine and balance the PH value and specific gravity during the drug test.

Test clear urinator

This is an electronic urine testing device that keeps the sample at the required temperature for up to 4 hours. This part is reusable and 100% effective in drug tests. This technology has no competition for its quality in the market.

Test clear urine simulation

The fake pee is made with many chemical ingredients to make it look like real urine. This has powdered urine and uric acid. You need to mix them properly to pass the drug test. If there is an incorrect mixture, it may indicate at you are using a fake pee for a drug test, which can lead to a variety of problems.