The fact that women bodybuilders too function similar to the male bodybuilders proves that women too need to bulk up muscles, require muscle strength and endurance. That is the reason why certain anabolic steroids are also popular with women athletes. The anabolic steroids are pretty low on the androgenic effects and that factor gels with women bodybuilders. It means they get toned muscles but at the same time, do not have to experience too many side effects. If the anabolic steroids are taken in low dosages, women will not experience any androgenic effects such as certain male characteristics such as deepening of voice, hair loss and more.  One popular anabolic steroid is Winstrol.

Winstrol dosage and side effects

Though the anabolic steroid Anavar is also quite popular amongst women, Winstrol is also much favoured. Women use Winstrol mainly for cutting purposes and find it is much beneficial in losing weight. But, it only cuts out the fat but women get leaner and stronger muscles. The body muscles get a definition and the physique acquired a toned shape. Women have to be careful with the dosage and they should see to it that the dose is kept low. Thus a dose of 10 mg should be good enough and the cycle of 5 or 6 weeks should be maintained.

As far as side effects go, the main side effects of Winstrol in women are androgenic effects. That means, if the dosage is higher or if the cycle is continued for a long time, then women can acquire some male characteristics. This means, if the women users experience any such effect, they should stop the usage at once. If not, then the feminity of the user can be affected. Look for symptoms such as excess hair growth, deepening of the voice, and more. It can also cause disorder in menstrual cycle and even clitoris enlargement can occur. At the same time, there is a way to prevent these side effects and that is to use the steroid responsibly, stick to the low dose as has been recommended and maintain the cycle. Check out the best form of Winstrol for females.

Buying Winstrol

Do follow certain rules while you buy anabolic steroids. Look for the right sellers. Buy from the best manufacturers and do buy only the original product. Winstrol being much popular with women users, there is a chance that you may come across many sellers who might try to hand you fake products. Always try to do a research and find more about the seller. You can buy Winstrol online as well but here too, there are chances of encountering dupers more than honest sellers. So, do your purchase wiseldy and carefully.

Winstrol can help women in many ways. It is a gentle steroid and it can help women achieve fat loss and also help them to build the lean muscles that they are hoping for. The best thing about Winstrol for women is that while it helps cut flab, it also makes women look fabulous on the other hand.