People get the most beautiful gift from god when they have a children. But the most memorable moment is when a baby walk first time. Though the children cannot walk properly. They crawl, stand and then fall down on the floor. Some tools are used for this purpose i.e. to teach them walk properly. A few years ago this tools are called walkers. In modern days they are called Baby Push Walker. The best baby push walker in the market is VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker.


This is the best baby push walker which trains the children first how to sit. This walkers has numbers, music, games, colours etc. to attract the babies. They enjoy every minute while standing and walking. There are many kind of excitement things available in the walker. It has a front panel, it is removable from the walker. It contains piano keys, telephone systems, barn animals, spinning gears etc. While walking babies can get endless fun. These things not only entertain babies it helps babies to identify proper music, shape, colours and animals. This product may be multicolours.

best baby push walker

Features and Details:

It’s quality and durability are mind blowing.The features are enlisted below:

  • This product help our children to develop their motor skill.
  • This product provides our baby a mini piano consisting of 5 keys which increases our babies interest in music. Their creativity level will also be increased.
  • The wheels of the walkers are amazingly made. They can move on hard floor as well as carpets too.
  • People get this walkers in various bright colours which attract babies. Beside this, it has many buttons which can light up and make the roller colourful. These colourful rollers can spin also.
  • In this walker a phone handset will also be attached which can play by an appropriate battery. Babies really enjoy this walker while walking.
  • In this walkers, most probably 70 songs our infants can sing, the walkers are ideal for the babies who have an age between 9 months to 3 years old. It has lots of fun and entertainment field.


Like every item, this product has also several drawbacks. Some customers do not like the music plays all the rime. They irritate by this. Beside this, when the baby pull the walker or stand still in a position it may tip over. The babies can hurt for that.


The decoration of this walker is mind blowing. The baby really get lots of fun and entertainment from this walker. Their walking energy can build up due to this entertainment. This walker has two features, one is of play and other is to control the walkers activity panel. People really appreciate this walker for their babies.